Mystic by Alyson Noel

Mystic by Alyson Noel
Release date: May, 2013
Pages: 320
Source: Borrowed

My feelings:

Since arriving in Enchantment, New Mexico, everything in Daire Santos life has changed. And not all for the better. While she's come to accept and embrace her new powers as a Soul Seeker, Daire struggles with the responsibility she holds navigating between the worlds of the living and the dead. And with the fate of her boyfriend Dace in the balance, Daire must put aside her personal feelings and focus on defeating Cade, whose evil plans threaten everyone she loves and the world as she knows it.

My review:
Mystic started out at as an epic fail. Up untill page 83 I had lost faith in this book and started to feel that it was a big dissapointment. I left the book at my nightstand and two days later I decided to pick it up again. I'm glad I did, because around page 120 it became much better and I started to love it again.

Why was the start of Mystic a fail for me? Well, I couldn't get into the story. Daires friend Xochitl got her own chapters (POV) and it was not interesting to read. I wanted her to shut up. I love her as a friend, but I didn't wanted to read her thoughts. And thankfully the author thought the same, because the rest of the book was POVs between Daire and Dace. 

I also thought it was strange that when Daire got back, nobody really persisted her to tell her where she went, what happened and more. Super weird. I mean if my best friend who I presumed was dead came back, I would make her answer my questions. First I need answers then we can look for Dace. 

And then it got better. A lot better. Daire and Dace has grown so much in these three books. They are so much wiser and smarter dealing with their powers. Cade is still thebadass you love to hate and he's super strong. Daire and Dace need to do come up with a kick-ass plan to defeat Cade, because he's always one step ahead of them.

The ending came too quick and I was left with a broken heart. Why Alyson Noel? Why did you have to this to one of my favourite characters in the book? 

If you haven't started this series, you should!  Just be aware of the terrible start in the third book!


Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate
Release date: October, 2012
Pages: 291
Source: Borrowed

My feelings:


And girl created boy…
In the beginning, there was an apple— And then there was a car crash, a horrible injury, and a hospital. But before Evening Spiker’s head clears a strange boy named Solo is rushing her to her mother’s research facility. There, under the best care available, Eve is left alone to heal. Just when Eve thinks she will die—not from her injuries, but from boredom—her mother gives her a special project: Create the perfect boy. Using an amazingly detailed simulation, Eve starts building a boy from the ground up. Eve is creating Adam. And he will be just perfect... won’t he?

My review:
I can't believe I finished Eve & Adam. I seriously can't. Eve & Adam was so bad, it made me want to dnf the book on many occasions. But, as always I have a hard time doing that so I skipped a few chapters to get it done quicker.

The characters....there's so much wrong with them. 
Eve, oh Eve. A young girl who has been in a terrible accident. Yes, a terrible one. And all because her freaking doctor says don't look at your leg, she doesn't. For a very LONG time she doesn't look at her leg. She doesn't ask any questions about it. She isn't curious at all about what is going on with her leg. WHAT! Really? C'mon. 
What's wrong with Solo? When someone is screaming in pain, he thinks that she likes him. What the heck! She doesn't like you, she's screaming because she needs someone to sedate her, you idiot!

Then we have the best friend of Eve. I'm not even sure why she was in the story.

She was boy-obsessed, which isn't anything weird for a teeanger, but why was she there? What was her story? Was it to annoy the mother? The mother who is such a terrible person. She has no depth at all. She just keeps saying these terrible things about Eve's best friend.  

I think because the characters were too irritated, I couldn't get into the story at all. I didn't enjoy reading Eve & Adam. I wanted to throw this book to the wall and then thought better of it. I mean, it's a library book, I can't do that to a library book.

Eve & Adam wasn't for me. My advice is to get it at the library. 


Books & Music

Broke and Brookish had a post about to match ten books to songs  and it was a lot of fun doing it. I love to listen to music and find new artists to listen to. Last year I also saw a lot of youtubers do the same and I got some new favourite songs. Thank you YouTube!
So, here are five songs that (for me) match these books:

1. L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad

Song: JoJo ft REMI - FAB

"Sweetie I don't want your cookies
If you're looking for applause, keep lookin'
Your recipe's boring, need a little more spice in my cookin'
Honey you don't want my problems
If you had 'em you would sink to the bottom
You should bring your life jacket
Cause people like you can't handle 
this, no"

2. The Theory of Everything by Kari Luna
Song: Kesha - Rainbow

"I’ve found a rainbow, rainbow, baby
Trust me, I know, life is scary
But just put those colors on, girl
Come and play along with me tonight"

3. Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
Song: Paramore - Hard Times

"All that I want
Is to wake up fine
Tell me that I'm alright
That I ain't gonna die
All that I want
Is a hole in the ground
You can tell me when it's alright
For me to come out"

4. The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler
Song: Sigma ft Birdy - Find Me

"If you're ready, heart is open
I'll be waiting, come find me
If you're certain for forever
I'll be waiting, come find me"

5. The Dreamhouse by Nicole Thorn
Song: Kelly Clarkson - Love So Soft
"Let me in
I wanna be closer to you, let you under my skin
If I let you in
You gotta be careful with it
Let me tell you again, hey"

Do you know any of these songs and do you like them? Any other songs that match these books? Let me know! 


The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler
Release date: November, 2011
Pages: 356
Source: Borrowed

My feelings: 

It's 1996, and Josh and Emma have been neighbors their whole lives. They've been best friends almost as long—at least, up until last November, when Josh did something that changed everything. Things have been weird between them ever since, but when Josh's family gets a free AOL CD in the mail, his mom makes him bring it over so that Emma can install it on her new computer. When they sign on, they're automatically logged onto their Facebook pages. But Facebook hasn't been invented yet. And they're looking at themselves fifteen years in the future.
By refreshing their pages, they learn that making different decisions now will affect the outcome of their lives later. And as they grapple with the ups and downs of what their futures hold, they're forced to confront what they're doing right—and wrong—in the present.

My Review:
Don't you just love it when you are at the library and you come across a book you always wanted to read, but never had. When I came across The Future of Us I couldn't be any happier.

Emma and Josh are both great characters. Emma is 'ambitious', but was at times very frustrating. She wants her future to be so perfect that she kind of became obsessed with it. I did understood Emmas character. When you're 16 and read facebook updates, which gives you just a small peep in someones life and it doesn't fit with your goals right then and there you for sure want to change it. Josh was a very caring character and he always wanted to do what was right. A great friend to have. 

The plot is great, very addicitve. When you start reading The Future of Us you just can't get enough and you want to read it in one sitting. I also love that it had short chapters! I'm a sucker for short chapters. 

If you're like me and did not read this book when it was published years ago, you should go to your library and borrow it! It's really good! 


Prism by Nina Walker

Prism by Nina Walker
Release date: August, 2017
Pages: 338
Source: Received from Addison & Gray Press

My feelings:

What if color held the secrets to powerful magic?
Forced to move into the palace, Jessa begins training as a Color Alchemist under the direction of the kingdom's most eligible bachelor, Prince Lucas. As an alchemist, Jessa must capture and harness the color of living things. Every color has a unique purpose, except red. Red is the untapped magic no one can access—until Jessa.

Prince Lucas is running out of time. His mother is deathly ill and healing magic hasn’t worked. When Lucas suspects someone is using alchemy to control her, he sets out to discover the truth, no matter the cost.

My Review:
Doesn't the premise of Prism sound amazing? So, when I received the book I inmediatly started reading it. 

Jessa is a interesting character. She's determined, has a passion for ballet and can't for the life figure out why she has this new power. I liked her, but while she was thinking about escaping she also thought a lot about her feelings for prince Lucas. Now, prince Lucas might be very dashing, but if you were locked up would you really think about kissing him? No, you wouldn't. I also didn't quite get the attraction to prince Lucas, a little bit of insta-love here. 

The plot is nice. The mystery around the power is explained pretty well, no big mystery, and it might be just that in combination with the insta-love that I didn't really love the story. When the action kicked in, unfortunately near the end, it did got me hooked and excited.

Prism was entertaining, but something wasn't quite there to make me adore it.


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