Arthur en de zienersteen (Arthur, The seeing stone)

Arthur en de zienersteen (Arthur, The seeing stone)
Written by : Kevin Crossley-Holland
Release date : October, 2001
Pages : 340

"Tumber Hill! It's my clamber-and-tumble-and-beech-and-bramble hill! Sometimes, when I'm standing on the top, I fill my lungs with air and I shout. I shout."

As The Seeing Stone opens, exuberant young Arthur has no idea what adventure lies ahead. A 13-year-old growing up in 12th-century England, Arthur soon discovers that his life parallels that of another Arthur, son of Uther centuries past, the legendary boy king "who was and will be." The second son of Sir John de Caldicot, lord of a manor near the Welsh border, Arthur narrates his everyday life in the Marchland in 100 clipped chapters of crisp, melodic prose. But his destiny entwined with that other, ancient Arthur is revealed only in snatches, after he receives (courtesy of our old friend Merlin) a piece of obsidian, a seeing stone, through which a well-woven story within a story unfolds.
I was looking for some books about Arthur in the library two weeks ago and I found only four books. Really a bummer. But then I found this book and it looks so cute.
The story is set in medieval times, in 1199. It’s a story about a young boy called Arthur, that truly wants to be knight. One day he gets a magical stone from his fathers friend called Merlin. This magical stone takes Arthur in another world, the world where King Arthur lives. Arthur founds out that his life is little bit similar with the king, what a coincidence!
The story was so much fun to read. You really get to know Arthur and also his family. You get to love and hate some of them. The author really gives you good idea how a family could survived in the Medieval times. Also when you read the story, you feel like you’re really there in England and Wales.
The book was easy to read and I recommend this to anyone who loves to read about medieval times and especially about King Arthur.
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Becky  – (30 september 2009 om 06:25)  

I love this series. I love the mixture of poetry and prose. You're so right: it's a cute book!

Jenny N.  – (30 september 2009 om 10:03)  

The library copy looks nice. I like reading historical novels so might try to find it in my local library.

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