Helluva Halloween Challenge 2009

Have I already told you, that I suck at challenges?.. Well, I do. I haven't read a scary book for a while, but I wanted to catch up..so here are some reviews of some books that I read when I was 10-14. They are Dutch books, but they where/are also available in English. When I was little, I always wanted to read this books. They where so good and scary, that I usually got nightmares after reading them.
Title : The Ghost next door
Chantal is a fourteen year old girl, who has a new neighbour. Yeah, so? Well there is something weird going on. First of all she never saw a moving truck and when she talks to him, he disappears. Hannah wants to find out what’s going on with the neighbours and is now being followed by a strange shadow figure. Is she being haunted by this boy, who really is a ghost?

I was looking for the titles in the US, and found out that they the girl’s name is in the original story called Hannah Fairchild. LOL.I loved this story so much, that I am going to reread it asap! It’s a easy read and If you don’t get scared by ghost stories, you should read it.

Title : The Babysitter
Jenny is going to baby-sit in a very scary, big and old house. During the baby-sit Jenny gets some strange phone calls, someone is threaten her. She doesn’t know what to do and what to do with this boy called Wouter who is in love with here. On top of that there is also a creepy neighbour, who is walking in front of the house all of the time. What to do? What to do?

Again I found something interesting on RL.stine’s webpage. This book was part of the series called “the babysitter’ and was the first book. I never knew this, because they did not have the sequels in the bookstore. A real bummer, cause I really enjoyed this book. Maybe I ‘am going to buy the sequels too, if I can find them.
This book was really thrilling and exiting to read, I remember that I reread this book more than three times. It has so much suspense, that I just could not put it down.

The Netherlands/US

Title : The Hitchhiker
A seventeen year old boy is running from his hometown. Christel and Sharon are two best friends travelling to go home. On their way home they pick up the boy, a hitchhiker. Then they hear that there was a murder..and who do they suspect?..well, yes of course.

Again the names are different in the US book, they are called Terri and Christina. I enjoyed this book very much and the plot was very different than I suspected. I thought that the boy was the murderer, but that wasn’t the case.

The Netherlands/US

I prefer the Dutch covers!

Juju from Tales of Whimsy  – (16 september 2009 om 06:41)  

O cool. I love Halloween inspired reads.

Misty  – (16 september 2009 om 07:42)  

Yay! Your the first link on the challenge! Here's to hoping for more. :)

Silvia  – (17 september 2009 om 09:48)  

Wow, the babysitter seems really creepy. I'm imagining myself in a big mansion alone... :$

PolishOutlander  – (18 september 2009 om 08:29)  

Hi! There's an award waiting for you here: http://polishoutlander.com/?p=437

Misty  – (18 september 2009 om 10:31)  

Ooh, I see someone's giving you an award... Well, today must be your day, because so am I.
I left you an award...

vvb32 reads  – (22 september 2009 om 11:59)  

hi nina, look forward to your ghost posts!

hmsgofita  – (25 september 2009 om 21:02)  

I love RL Stine! I read him nonstop when I was in sixth grade!

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