Helluva Halloween Challenge 2009

Help, hij leeft (Night of the Living dummy)
Written by : R.L. Stine
Release date: 1997
Pages : 160

Kris Pouwels and her twin sister find a dummy in the trash. Kris becomes jealous of Linda, when she spends most of her time with the dummy. Their father buys her a doll, sir van Houten. Apparently this dummy is more special than the other dummy. Why? Well it comes to live!
I don’t like dummy’s coming to live. I really don’t. Maybe, if they are fun and want to help you, but not if they just cause trouble.
The story is well written and has great suspense.
The characters are okay, simple. There is not much depth in the story, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad.
It’s a great and creepy book. When I was looking for the title in English, I found out that this was the first in a series. There are two more books about the dummy.
If you don’t get scared by living dummies, you definitely should try this one. Have fun!

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Lula O  – (26 september 2009 om 07:38)  

Dummy's coming to life? Good grief, no way could I read this one! It creeps me out just thinking about it. The one about the mask that comes to life is my favorite of Stine's that I've read. He writes the best scary stories.

Misty  – (27 september 2009 om 11:21)  

I was a huge R.L. Stine fan as a kid, and this one FREAKED ME OUT! So I read it multiple times. I had all these porcelain dolls in my closet, and I couldn't sleep with my closet open because I just KNEW they were looking at me. ;)

hmsgofita  – (27 september 2009 om 15:32)  

This one looks great! Dummys freak the Heck out of me...

yesterdaystuna  – (28 september 2009 om 08:04)  

Dummys are creepy in the first place. But coming alive? I do not think so! LOL :P

Here is a little award for you. Thanks for being such a great blog neighbor :)


Nina  – (28 september 2009 om 09:17)  

Thank you so much! :) And indeed I agree, dummys are creepy!

Bingo  – (29 september 2009 om 05:10)  

I came to welcome you to the blogosphere. I only started in January. It caught my eye that you are from the Netherlands. My son and his wife spent 18 months in Amsterdam about a year ago and made wonderful friends and he goes back often on business. They miss the Sterupwaffle (SP???) and they told me all about how Halloween is celebrated there with a parade. I remember also they always had to take all their friends who came to visit to THE ICE BAR! Where do you live? Come visit my blog at BOOKIN' WITH BINGO...and again Welcome!

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