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Every sunday or saturday (depends on how I feel) I will show you the books that I bought, recieved or borrowed! This meme/idea is hosted by TheStorySiren.

The books that I bought are:
- Foute mannen by Olvia Goldsmith (DUTCH book)
- Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (Dutch review here)
- Coraline by Neil Gaiman

I found this book at a bookshop in my village and it cost 3 euro's! Well that's cheap! ofcourse I bought it. I read the summary and it sounds like a fluffy, fun read!

Description Foute mannen (Bad Boy):
Tracie's got a weakness for classic bad boys who seem too good to be true...and usually are. Jon, on the other hand, loves Tracie-and not "just as a friend." But Jon is no bad boy. In fact, he's about as good as they come. But when he convinces a skeptical Tracie to teach him some tricks of the trade, she turns him into a heartbreakingly hot bad boy-and soon it seems half Seattle's women want Jon to themselves. Including Tracie.

After the movie Coraline I wanted to read this book so bad, that I borrowed it at the library in Dutch. I liked it so much that I wanted to read it English, so yesterday when I was in the bookstore I saw it..bought it..Me..very..happy...

Description Coraline:
Coraline lives with her preoccupied parents in part of a huge old house--a house so huge that other people live in it, too... round, old former actresses Miss Spink and Miss Forcible and their aging Highland terriers ("We trod the boards, luvvy") and the mustachioed old man under the roof ("'The reason you cannot see the mouse circus,' said the man upstairs, 'is that the mice are not yet ready and rehearsed.'") Coraline contents herself for weeks with exploring the vast garden and grounds. But with a little rain she becomes bored--so bored that she begins to count everything blue (153), the windows (21), and the doors (14).
And it is the 14th door that--sometimes blocked with a wall of bricks--opens up for Coraline into an entirely alternate universe. What's on the other side of the door? A distorted-mirror world, containing presumably everything Coraline has ever dreamed of... people who pronounce her name correctly (not "Caroline"), delicious meals (not like her father's overblown "recipes"), an unusually pink and green bedroom (not like her dull one), and plenty of horrible (very un-boring) marvels, like a man made out of live rats. The creepiest part, however, is her mirrored parents, her "other mother" and her "other father"--people who look just like her own parents, but with big, shiny, black button eyes, paper-white skin... and a keen desire to keep her on their side of the door.

The books that I borrowed from the library are:
- See the list at Arthur's Month!

I hope you also have lots and lots of fun books to read this week!
Enjoy reading the books you got!

Au Revoir,

ReggieWrites  – (20 september 2009 om 05:43)  

OMG! I wish that Foute mannen wasn't in DUTCH!! IT LOOKS WAYY INTERESTING!!!!!!!!! LOL!

:-) Reggie :-)

Silvia  – (20 september 2009 om 07:20)  

I've been looking and found the American version of Foute mannen at Amazon. I've added it to my wishlist. It sounds nice and funny^^

Blodeuedd  – (20 september 2009 om 08:09)  

Great mailbox :D
I hope you will enjoy those books

Becky  – (20 september 2009 om 10:49)  

Great books! I need to read Wicked Lovely, I've heard really good things about it. Happy reading! =)

Rebecca  – (20 september 2009 om 14:06)  

Great books you got this week. Wicked Lovely and Coraline are both really good. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

Rachel  – (20 september 2009 om 20:03)  

I love Coraline and Wicked Lovely! I hope you do too!
Isn't it fun to find random cute books?

Juju from Tales of Whimsy  – (21 september 2009 om 07:12)  

Wicked Lovely is suppose to be wickedly good :)

PolishOutlander  – (21 september 2009 om 10:46)  

I really liked Coraline! I haven't had a chance to watch the movie yet though. Have you read any of his other kid stuff? I hightly recommend his picture book "Wolves in the Walls."

Anna  – (22 september 2009 om 06:47)  

My daughter and I really enjoyed Coraline. I hope you do, too.

Diary of an Eccentric

Krista  – (22 september 2009 om 08:18)  

Oh, I have Coraline on my shelf. I really need to get to it. Awesome mail! Happy reading!

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