Johnny and the dead by Terry Pratchett

Johnny and the Dead
Written by : Terry Pratchett
Release date : May 2008
Pages : 231

Sell the cemetery?
Over their dead bodies....

Not many people can see the dead (not many would want to).
Twelve year old Johnny Maxwell can. And he's got bad news for them:
the council want to sell the cemetery as a building site. But the dead aren't going to take it lying down....especially since it's Halloween tomorrow.

Besides, they're beginning to find that life is a lot more fun that it was when they were..well...alive. Particularly if they break a few rules....

First of all, just let me say i'm a huge fan of everything that this guy writes!
His books are always funny and you just can't help yourself laughing out loud.
So when I got this at the bookstore in Amsterdam Amstel on my way home, I really thought that this would be a great, fun story to read! And really it WAS!
Johnny Maxwell isn't afraid of ghosts, well yeah..first he thinks he's going out of this mind..I mean talking to dead persons, how many people do you know that does that?? But after a while he befriends them. The characters are really good written and you really get to know them.
For the dutch readers : I should say that if you have trouble reading english, this is a good book for you! It is not difficult to read, the words that he uses are easy to understand.
There are two more books in this serie, called Johnny and the bomb and Only you can save Mankind. And I can't waite for me to get my hands on them! So if you want a fast, funny book, you should really read this one! :)
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Sarah  – (3 september 2009 om 12:35)  

Looks good :) I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Terry Pratchett, but have yet to read a book by him. I'll have to get on that. Great review!

Jessica (BookLover)  – (5 september 2009 om 10:55)  

I really like Terry Pratchett's Disc World Series (I still haven't read them all yet). Johnny and the Dead sounds like a good book.
Thank you for sharing; I enjoyed reading your review! :)

Froggy  – (5 september 2009 om 11:41)  

Sounds like a good read! I need to find it! Thanks for the awesome review of it! :)

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