Waiting for History

As a history student I also have a wishlist for history books, and so I wanted to share this with you.

Queen's fool by Philippa Gregory
The Virgin's lover by Philippa Gregory
Helen of Troy by Margaret George
The Dutchess by Amanda Foreman
Ophelia by Lisa Klein
Twilight of Avalon by Anna Elliott

I know, there are not a lot of books on the list, but that's because I have to stop at six! Otherwise the list could go on, and on.

Have you read one of the books? And tell me what did you think about it?

Au revoir, Nina

Rebecca :)  – (7 september 2009 om 16:54)  

I enjoy history and historical fiction, too. Great selections.

Mary  – (8 september 2009 om 07:56)  

I read Helen of Troy (by M. George) a couple of years ago. Really enjoyed it!

Dixie  – (8 september 2009 om 09:30)  

I also love historical novels.
I'll have to add these titles to my TBR list.

PolishOutlander  – (14 september 2009 om 10:38)  

I thoroughly enjoyed Helen of Troy, and anything else by Margaret George. I hear she's working on a new Queen Elizabeth I novel. I really like Philippa Gregory but I have to admit that I really didn't like The Virgin's Lover. It felt a bit awkward to read.

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