Oh how I enjoyed the first episode of Emma. Romola Garai who plays Emma is such a great actress, you truly believe her as Emma. Romola plays Emma how I imagined Emma would be. She’s funny, happy all the time and is full of herself.
I don’t want to say to much to spoil it for the people who couldn’t watch it, but the first episode is only about volume 1 (the book).

I loved the house where they live in, it’s beautiful and has a great Victorian garden.

It really is how I imagined it to be.

The scene that made me laugh was when Harriet got the letter of Mr. Martin and went to Emma. I loved that scene.

Little spoiler
The first episode ends when Mr. Knightley and Emma argue about the refusal of Harriet to Mr.Martin question. They have great chemistry and I can’t wait for the next episode.
Have you watched the first episode? And what did you think about it?I love to hear to your thoughts about it.

Au Revoir, Nina

Juju from Tales of Whimsy  – (5 oktober 2009 om 09:10)  

I love Romola. She never seizes to impress me. Oh and I have had a thing for Johnny Lee Miller since Hackers.

Jo  – (5 oktober 2009 om 10:21)  

I loved it! It was sooo good! I haven't read the book, as I'm not so great at getting the language, but I love period/costume dramas, and this version of Emma is awesome so far! Can't wait to watch the rest!

Lula O  – (5 oktober 2009 om 10:42)  

Couldn't find this anywhere is the US dang it! I'll probably have to wait until spring when Masterpiece does the classics run. I'm really looking forward to it. It's one of my favorites!

Becky  – (5 oktober 2009 om 12:20)  

I really enjoyed it. There is nothing better than watching a Jane Austen adaptation on a Sunday night. I thought both Emma and Mr Knightly were really well acted. Harriet isn't quite how I imagined her though.

melissa @ 1lbr  – (5 oktober 2009 om 14:54)  

Oh, I wish this was playing in the US! I love the Austens done by BBC.

hmsgofita  – (13 oktober 2009 om 10:52)  

I also wish they showed this in the US. I guess us United States peeps can't have everything!

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