Written by : Jane Austen
Release date : 1991 (1816)
Pages : 512

The most perfect of Jane Austen’s perfect novels begins with twenty-one-year-old Emma Woodhouse comfortably dominating the social order in the village of Highbury, convinced that she has both the understanding and the right to manage other people’s lives—for their own good, of course. Her well-meant interfering centers on the aloof Jane Fairfax, the dangerously attractive Frank Churchill, the foolish if appealing Harriet Smith, and the ambitious young vicar Mr. Elton—and ends with her complacency shattered, her mind awakened to some of life’s more intractable dilemmas, and her happiness assured.

Am I repeating myself when I tell you that I do adore Jane Austen. I read this book a few years ago and reread it last week. My favourite character of Jane Austen books is and always will be Emma. She is so lovely, fun, and so full of herself that you just have to laugh at the silly things she says or does. Jane Austen writes the characters so well with lots of depth that you just feel like your part of the family Woodhouse. I had so many feelings reading the book, I laughed at the part when Emma and Harriet where talking about Mr. Martin’s proposal, where angry with Mr. Elton, irritated with Mrs. Elton and cried when Emma found out that she was in love with somebody who I loved too. I enjoyed the book from beginning to end and I’ am wondering why me and my friend argue about who’s getting Mr.Darcy! I totally want Mr. Knigthley.

For Dutch Readers:
I haven’t read Emma in Dutch, but in English. I have to say that if you have trouble with reading in English, you should try it in Dutch first. If you read it first in Dutch, you will understand the book in English, otherwise you have to look up words. I do adore this book and highly recommend this one!

I don’t like this cover. It’s boring.

How many cupcakes?

Ms. Lucy  – (12 oktober 2009 om 10:37)  

I love this review! And- I really want to read this one too:)
Thanks for the kind wishes for Thanksgiving- that's so nice of you:)

vvb32 reads  – (12 oktober 2009 om 10:57)  

LOL - yes, Mr. Knightly is just as special. I still have to read this one. I enjoyed the film version though. I agree this cover is drab and too serious for what it is.

Lula O  – (12 oktober 2009 om 11:29)  

What did she call Emma? Her darling child I think. You can tell too, by the content. I think the character of Emma was her favorite. She wanted to shelter her the most.
Great review!
On of my all time favorite books.

Anni  – (12 oktober 2009 om 12:44)  

Yes, yes, yes, Emma is my favorite Austen-character too. A lovely character in a lovely novel.
Nice review.

Nely  – (13 oktober 2009 om 06:11)  

Lovely review. Emma is also one of my fave Austen characters. I agree that cover is boring - but who cares, the book is fantastic. :D


hmsgofita  – (13 oktober 2009 om 10:50)  

I really enjoyed Emma as well. I want to reread this one again soon, it's just been too long!

Anoniem –   – (13 oktober 2009 om 17:02)  

Great review! I have to read this book. I actually have to read anything by Jane Austen. I've heard such amazing things about her and her work.

pirate penguin  – (13 oktober 2009 om 17:40)  

Jane Austen is great! I've read P&P and Northanger Abbey so I don't know how wonderful Mr. Knightley is in the book...I did however see the movie version with Gwenyth Palthrow and I loved it! Did you ever read North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell?

Oh, and you should try Psych Major Syndrome! I know I'm repeating myself but it was such a cute story! The love interest is adorable x)

Jamie  – (11 november 2009 om 00:46)  

This is sooo on my TBR list! Thank you for dropping by my blog yesterday also!

tinylittlelibrarian  – (21 november 2009 om 10:48)  

Emma is my next favourite Austen book after Pride and Prejudice, maybe even almost tied for first place! :-)

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