Foute Mannen (Bad Boy)

Foute Mannen (Bad Boy)
Written by: Olivia Goldsmith
Release date: January, 2002

Pages: 432

Tracie's got a weakness for classic bad boys who seem too good to be true...and usually are. Jon, on the other hand, loves Tracie-and not "just as a friend." But Jon is no bad boy. In fact, he's about as good as they come. But when he convinces a skeptical Tracie to teach him some tricks of the trade, she turns him into a heartbreakingly hot bad boy-and soon it seems half Seattle's women want Jon to themselves. Including Tracie.

Laughing from beginning to end! I thought it would be a fun, light book and it defiantly was. Such a fun plot and of course you can tell by just reading the summary how this is going to end, but it just didn’t matter. The characters are well written and Tracie is just a hard working woman who wants to make something out of her life. But hey life is though and she really finds that out! When her friend asks her for a make over, she agrees and falls head over heels in love with him. I could imagine how Jon used to look like before and after the make up. Loveable. The whole time I was hoping he would open his eyes and just see that the perfect girl was just in front of him. A great story to read when you are feeling a little bit low to just make you’re day. I don’t know if my library has other books written by Olivia, but I’m sure am going to ask!

For Dutch Readers:
The book is available in Dutch, so don’t Waite, get a copy right now!
The cover is cute, but it’s just a girl. I prefer a photo/picture that fits better with the story. I do like the US cover! What do you think? Witch cover do YOU prefer?

How many Cupcakes?

Andrea [Buried In Books]  – (24 oktober 2009 om 23:16)  

Hey Nina!

Just wanted to personally invite you to join my 50 followers giveaway :]

Nina  – (26 oktober 2009 om 01:59)  

Thank you so much, but it's only for US residents, and I do live in this cold little country called the Netherlands. :P

....Petty Witter  – (26 oktober 2009 om 04:06)  

Thanks for that review Nina, it sounds like just the book to curl up with on a cold winters night - that and a bar of chocolate.

choco (In Which a Girl Reads)  – (26 oktober 2009 om 20:41)  

Great Review:)

Btw, you got a award at my blog!

Nina  – (29 oktober 2009 om 08:16)  

Thank you Choco for the award! :)

And thank you Petty Witter that youre loving the new layout. :)

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