Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange
Written by : Melissa Marr
Release date : March, 2009
Pages : 352

Leslie lives with a father who has given up on life, a drug-abusing brother who allowed his dealer to rape Leslie in lieu of payment, and a burning desire to banish pain and fear from her life. Unable to confide in her best friend, Aislinn, she devotes herself to working to pay the family bills and to get the tattoo she believes will help her reclaim her body. What she doesn't know is that the art she has selected will bind her to Irial, the king of the Dark Court of Fairy. He removes her emotions like fear, panic, or anger, and uses them to nourish the fairies of his court. What Irial doesn't expect is his growing love for Leslie and her desire to make her own choices. In Leslie, Marr has created a damaged, wounded character who still comes across as being incredibly strong. Irial needs to care for his court, knowing them too weak to win a war, but his feelings for Leslie make him unwilling to do what needs to be done.

Have you ever had a book that you just could not put down. This one really was a turnpager!
I adored it! Ink Exchange is not a sequel of Wicked Lovely, but it is still in the same world and the characters are also the same. This book is a darker version, you can say, it's all about addiction and not with drugs but with fairies.

The main characters are Lesie, a girl that is abused by her father and brother and dying for a change in her life, Irial, the king of the Dark court and Niall, the advisor of the Summer Court.
There is so much depth in the characters, that you can't help feeling sorry for the king of the Dark Court. And of course there is the question that pops up in your mind, while you are reading, are they really so bad??

I really loved this book and this one will for sure keep you turning the pages!

For Dutch readers:
I do recommend this series, they are fabulous.

How many cupcakes?

Melissa (My World)  – (9 oktober 2009 om 05:54)  

This book sounds fabulous! I think I need this one. I am adding it to my list right now and highlighting it. Do you feel I should read the first book before this one? I saw you said it isn't really a sequel but is in the same world. Would it help to read both?

Thanks for this great review. I had not heard of this book and now it sounds wonderful!

Petty Witter  – (9 oktober 2009 om 08:26)  

Sounds like a really excellent read, I should think it's quite thought provoking.

Becky  – (9 oktober 2009 om 12:01)  

I haven't read Wicked Lovely or Ink Exchange. I think Iwill have to add them to my wish list. Ink Exchange sounds moving.

Kelsey  – (9 oktober 2009 om 12:17)  

Great review! I really liked Wicked Lovely, so I'm really looking forward to reading this(:

Faye  – (9 oktober 2009 om 15:41)  

I LOVE the Dark King. The Dark Court faires are way edgier and cooler hehe. I LOVE Melissa
Marr 2!

Nina  – (10 oktober 2009 om 03:25)  

Melissa, I do recommend to read the first book. This is because you then already have an idea about who they are, and how their characters are. :) Thank you :)

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill)  – (10 oktober 2009 om 06:26)  

Hello Nina ! A little mouse told me that an award awaited you here :


Mishel  – (10 oktober 2009 om 08:17)  

Excellent review!! I have this on my shelf waiting to be read along with Wicked Lovely. I can't wait to read them both =)

Nina  – (11 oktober 2009 om 07:50)  

Thank you Charlotte and Amanda for the two lovley awards! I will put them on the blog, when I have the change to pass them allong. Again, thank you so much.

Lula O  – (11 oktober 2009 om 07:59)  

Wow, this one sounds interesting, and dark. wow. Great review!

Melissa (My World)  – (11 oktober 2009 om 16:49)  

Nina thanks for letting me know on the first book as well. I have added both of these books to my reading list. They sound soooo great!

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