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Title: Bridgid of Kildare
Author: Heather Terrell
Out on: March, 2010

Girl With a Pearl Earring meets How the Irish Saved Civilization in this dazzling historical novel that reimagines Saint Brigid and the early church in Ireland.

This is the jumping-off point for Heather Terrell’s new novel, in which Decius, a Roman priest-turned-spy, is dispatched to Ireland. His target: the patron saint Brigid of Kildare, a powerful leader charged with teaching outlawed texts and challenging the patriarchy. But, intrigued by Brigid’s unorthodox Christianity, her gentle ministrations to her followers, and her warrior-like commitment, Decius finds himself at odds with his mission, and faces the most difficult choice of his life.

The book sounds nice and I do like the cover. I think it will be a great historical novel to read.
Are you waiting for any good books?

Wanted to Tell you...
Hi, I just wanted to tell you that yesterday was my first day interning at a public school! I’ am going to teach history to high school students (13-16 years old) I’m so exited. I have so many ideas and my coach is so nice. My interning day is on Tuesday and the other days I have college. I’m going to be pretty busy, but I love to read, this is not going to be a problem. Brought Emma to the library and was not tempted to borrow another book! I also finished in the train Moonlight, so the review will be up soon. I hope you had a great day and I’m off to watch Desperate Housewives (missed it yesterday).

Oh, for I forget, the book that I’m reading now is Julia’s schaduw (Dutch book).

Au Revoir, Nina

Diane  – (14 oktober 2009 om 05:24)  

Love the cover of this one.

Hazra  – (14 oktober 2009 om 06:12)  

Congratulations on your internship! I'm sure you'll have a good time.

PolishOutlander  – (14 oktober 2009 om 06:22)  

Oh my! I want to read that book! Sounds so good. I love historical fiction! What an excellent choice.

A Bookshelf Monstrosity  – (14 oktober 2009 om 07:29)  

This one looks great!

Here's mine.

Also, good luck with your internship! I'm also in the middle of a 100 hour internship in a high school library (ages 14-18). I've had a good experience so far :)

Gwendolyn B.  – (14 oktober 2009 om 08:14)  

Beautiful cover! And the inside sounds good, too. I'm making a note of this one!

Missy  – (14 oktober 2009 om 08:14)  

Congrats to you! You must be so excited...I wish you the best.

Your WOW pick sounds good....it'll be hard to wait for it...although time goes so fast, March will be here before you know it!

Crystal  – (14 oktober 2009 om 09:05)  

The cover is beautiful and it sounds like a great book.

Good luck with your internship and college.

Mishel  – (14 oktober 2009 om 09:55)  

I agree, the cover is gorgeous!

Kelsey  – (14 oktober 2009 om 13:34)  

Wow great pick, this looks great! Good luck interning(:

Jessica (BookLover)  – (14 oktober 2009 om 13:53)  

Congrats!! I hope you enjoy interning. :)

And great WoW... I'll have to keep a look out for this book. :)

Addicted Book Reader  – (14 oktober 2009 om 16:04)  

Nice pick, sounds really good and love the cover! Good luck with : D

Sarah (Limerick)  – (14 oktober 2009 om 16:09)  

I love historical fiction :) This one sounds great. Thanks for the heads up! And have fun interning!!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow  – (14 oktober 2009 om 17:18)  

Lovely cover. Sounds fascinating.

Mine is here:


....Petty Witter  – (15 oktober 2009 om 04:12)  

Brigid Of Kildare sounds like a wonderful read, just my type of book so thanks for that. Good luck with your internship and teaching.

Yvonne  – (15 oktober 2009 om 05:21)  

Sounds like a great book.

I gave you an award

Lizzy  – (15 oktober 2009 om 06:22)  

This sounds like a good one, and I love the cover! Great pick

Grain de Beaute  – (16 oktober 2009 om 19:46)  

I do have a soft spot for wonderful covers and the cover art for this book is so beautiful. I'm planning on devouring historical fiction for 2010 so I would definitely be looking out for this one.

Thanks for sharing Nina.♥

Nina  – (18 oktober 2009 om 09:55)  

Thank you for the award! Yvonne :)

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