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Every sunday or saturday (depends on how I feel) I will show you the books that I bought, recieved or borrowed! This meme/idea is hosted by TheStorySiren.

The book that I bought are:
- Letters for Emily by Camron Wright
- Sucks to be me by Kimberly Davley

I never heard of Letters for Emily, but after reading the summary I really had to have it. It really sounds like a good book.

Description Letters for Emily:
Harry Whitney, is dying -- not only dying, he is losing his mind. Afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, he knows his ‘good’ time is short. Worried he’ll ultimately be remembered as mean and contemptible, he compiles a book of his own poems as a final gift to Emily, his favourite granddaughter. Harry’s secret hope is that somehow his words will heal tenuous relationships in a family that is falling apart. His book of poems is discovered, but it does little to ease the tension as the writings are quickly dismissed as the babbling words of a crazy old man; that is, until secrets are discovered hidden within each poem.

After reading some great reviews of Sucks to be me I have added this one to my list of Fall into Reading challenge and I cannot wait to start reading this one.

Description Sucks to be me:
Mina Hamilton's parents want her dead. (Or undead to be precise.) They're vampires, and like it or not, Mina must decide whether to become a vampire herself. But Mina's more interested in hanging out with best friend Serena and trying to catch the eye of the too-hot-for-high-school Nathan Able than in the vampire training classes she's being forced to take. How's a girl supposed to find the perfect prom date and pass third-year French when her mom and dad are breathing down her neck--literally?

And I have borrowed a dvd from my best friend:
-Pride and Prejudice

What did you get in your mail? I hope allot of great and fun books.

A happy reading to you all, au revoir, Nina.

Kelsey  – (22 november 2009 om 05:44)  

Sucks to Be Me sounds really good! Enjoy(:

Blodeuedd  – (22 november 2009 om 05:52)  

Sounds good, excellent week :D
Mine was totally empty, but I have something to post I forgot last week

inthehammockblog  – (22 november 2009 om 06:09)  

Sucks to be Me sounds really good! Great Mailbox!

....Petty Witter  – (22 november 2009 om 06:52)  

Letters From Emily sounds like an amazing read - one for my wish list though I probably won't read it for a long while. As my father-in-law has a form of dementia this may be too close to home at the moment.

Book Crazy Jenn  – (22 november 2009 om 07:47)  

Sucks to be Me looks like a good read, I cant wait to hear what you thought about it! :) Enjoy your reading!

Lily Child  – (22 november 2009 om 08:11)  

Wow! Letters for Emily and Sucks to be Me both sound great! I look forward to your reviews! Happy reading! :)

PolishOutlander  – (22 november 2009 om 08:15)  

I've had Sucks to be Me for a while and it looks like such a fun read. Happy reading, and watching!

Anoniem –   – (22 november 2009 om 08:36)  

Letters for Emily sounds amazing! I'm adding it to my list. Happy reading Nina! =D

Emily  – (22 november 2009 om 09:08)  

I haven't heard of either of those books, thanks for posting about them. Enjoy!

Sheila (Bookjourney)  – (22 november 2009 om 09:12)  

I did get some good books in the mail - ad I see you did too! Enjoy them!

Becky  – (23 november 2009 om 08:24)  

I didn't get anything in my mailbox this week but glad to see you got two great books. I'm really looking forward to hearing about Letters for Emily. Enjoy.

Melanie  – (23 november 2009 om 11:31)  

I hope you enjoy Pride and Prejudice! I love that mini-series. =)

vvb32 reads  – (24 november 2009 om 09:38)  

ooo, hope you like that version of pride and prejudice as much as i did. ;-D

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