Tinker Bell

Title: Tinker Bell
DVD Release Date: October 28, 2008


Pixie Hollow is a land where fairies constantly create and improve upon the beauty of the four seasons and prepare to bring the changing seasons to the mainland. When Tinker Bell is born, she discovers she is destined to be a Tinker fairy; one who invents gadgets to help fairies do their jobs more efficiently, but she is disappointed with her supporting role and yearns for a more impressive job. While her fellow fairies assure her that she plays a vital role in the arrival of spring, Tinker Bell shuns her calling and attempts to become something she's not. In the end, Tinker Bell's efforts cause a disaster that threatens to delay or even cancel the coming of spring and only inspiration and a firm belief in her own strengths can lead Tinker Bell to fulfil her destiny and save spring.

How much fun is watching a Disney movie? Well a whole lot of fun. I just watched the movie and I enjoyed it. The storyline is fun and there is lot of humor in it. I think that children will love this movie and there is a great message in it for them too. The message that I got out of it was that you have to be happy with what live gives you. The animation is beautiful! The colours are wonderful and amazing. The whole movie is just great.

I recommend this movie to anyone who just loves watching Disney movies. So go and rent it and tell me what you think of the movie.

Au Revoir, Nina

Becky  – (7 november 2009 om 08:48)  

Hey Nina, I love Disney movies. Last week I went with my mum and 29 year old sister to see Disney Princesses on Ice. It was so much fun!

CelticLady  – (7 november 2009 om 09:12)  

Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower.. Appreciate it..

Lea  – (7 november 2009 om 10:19)  

I love tinkerbell! But I haven't seen the movie (how did I miss it??)!

Faye  – (7 november 2009 om 16:40)  

I LOVE Tinkerbell lol, she is my favorite character.This movie was so cute :D

B.A.M. Book Reviews  – (8 november 2009 om 17:59)  

I love Tinkerbell, she is so hilarious and has a lot of pizazz. It is a great movie!!


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