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Title: The Sight
Author: Jude Watson
Out on: March 2010

No description found on the net, but I do like the title. Maybe this girl has some wicked powers!

Au Revoir, Nina

Terra  – (25 november 2009 om 04:06)  

I wonder what it is about.

I take part in the similar meme Wishful Wednesday instead of Wishing On Wednesday. If you want you can see what I am wishing for here:

Mel (He Followed Me Home)  – (25 november 2009 om 05:27)  

You're right, the cover & title sound interesting! I've added it to my wishlist, thanks for sharing :)

Alexa  – (25 november 2009 om 05:34)  

Oh great cover, sound interesting from the title!

Jill  – (25 november 2009 om 05:42)  

Great pick...Happy Thanksgiving!

Book Crazy Jenn  – (25 november 2009 om 06:28)  

HMMM like the cover and the title - HMMM! :)

PolishOutlander  – (25 november 2009 om 06:42)  

Hmmm...still like the cover. but yes, maybe she has some cool powers. Should be interesting, as we all speculate :)

Alayne  – (25 november 2009 om 07:50)  

Interesting, too bad there's no summary! Here's my pick:

Anoniem –   – (25 november 2009 om 08:52)  

Looks really good. The cover and the title really grab your attention. :)

Becky  – (25 november 2009 om 10:18)  

I agree with Michelle, this one certainly hooks you in. I've read What I Saw and How I Lied by the same author and I wonder if this will be similiar? Is The Sight some form of paranormal ability? Or is it the sight of something that the girl has witnessed? I'm intrigued!!!

MarceJ  – (25 november 2009 om 10:37)  

The cover drew me in also. Nice

Here is mine

Crystal  – (25 november 2009 om 12:27)  

Looks interesting just from the title and cover. I will have to check it out when there is more about it, but I'm intrigued now.

EternalJade  – (25 november 2009 om 18:51)  

Great find! The cover looks gorgeous, not to mention intriguing. :)

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