Fall Into Reading Challenge Wrap up

I started out well, I made my list of books that I really wanted to read and was planning to read at least two of the books each week. Well as always my plans get interrupted by college, duties, work and other important stuff, like sleep. But because it was one of those fun challenges you could cross the books that you haven’t read and put the books you have read on the list. So I haven’t read fifteen books in total, but thirteen. Actually I read allot more in the Fall but I didn’t link them with this challenge. Yes, I can!

The favourite book that I read this fall was truly Emma written by the amazing Jane Austen. Emma and Mr.Knightley, the perfect match ever! The story was well written and so beautiful.

The books that I read are:
Private by Kate Brian
Sucks to be me by Kimberly Pauley
Fake boyfriend by Kate Brian
Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran
Highlander’s Temptation by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Nobody’s Princess by Esther Friesner
Hannu, Hannu by Geir Gulliksen
Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne
Emma by Jane Austen
Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Arthur en de zienersteen by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Au Revoir,

Book Snob  – (22 december 2009 om 07:40)  

I love Coraline and Moonlight. It looks like you also read some amazing books I've not read taht i'll have to add to my list. Thanks for the great post!

Becky  – (22 december 2009 om 12:27)  

Sweet list. I love Arthur and the Seeing Stone. I wish more people would read it.

Lisa notes...  – (22 december 2009 om 16:41)  

Yes, life does sometimes get in the way of our plans. But glad it worked out that you still got a lot of reading done anyway.

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