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Every sunday or saturday (depends on how I feel) I will show you the books that I bought, recieved or borrowed! This meme/idea is hosted by TheStorySiren.

Yes, I know a little too late, but today I went to the library and borrowed two books.

The Books that I BOUGHT are:
- None

The Books that I BORROWED are:
- How to be bad by E.Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski & Lauren Myracle (Dutch Translation)
- The facts speak for themselves by Brock Cole

All of the above books are borrowed from the library.

Description How to be bad: Three girls who couldn't be more different have one goal in mind: to get the heck out of Dodge. Well, Niceville, Florida, actually. But it might as well be called Nowheresville. Vicks is the wild-child fry cook whose boyfriend left for college and isn't returning any of her calls; Mel, the good girl in expensive jeans who just wants everyone to like her; and Jesse, the trailer-dwelling human morality meter who's discovered a life-altering secret

I saw this book at the library and looked inside for the original title. It was ‘How to be bad’ and it reminded me of a review I read a few months ago on a blog. I wanted to read this as soon as possible, but wasn’t able to find it at the bookstores and now I can read it in Dutch. Whoopee.

Description The Facts speak for themselves: At the request of her social worker, thirteen-year-old Linda gradually reveals how her life with her unstable mother and her younger brother led to her rape and the murder she witnessed.

Read the description at the library and thought I will give it a try.

vvb32 reads  – (15 december 2009 om 10:12)  

fun title - stout stouter stoutst
but the last word is missing an "e" ???

Miss Reith Jerevinan  – (15 december 2009 om 10:24)  

wow.. the books really cool in Dutch!
Happy reading!

Becky  – (15 december 2009 om 11:09)  

The Facts Speak For Themselves sounds like sad and heartrending read. Libraries rock!

Lily Child  – (15 december 2009 om 13:24)  

Enjoy your books! :) I love your new blog look btw. I love all the owls! :)

Kelsey  – (15 december 2009 om 13:29)  

Nice books! I really want to read How to be Bad!

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