Audrey, Wait! By Robin Benway

Title: Bonustrack
Original title: Audrey, Wait!
Written by: Robin Benway
Release date: April, 2009
Pages: 320
Source: Library
Part of: 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge

My feelings:

Within a few weeks after their break-up, Audrey’s boyfriend, Evan, writes and performs a rock song about their split that catches the attention of a music executive and catapults Evan and his band to stardom. Because she is the song’s subject, Audrey suddenly becomes a celebrity, too, and over the course of a school year, she finds herself dodging paparazzi, rock stars in search of a muse, and star-crazed classmates.

My Review:
After reading great reviews about this book, I decided to read it for myself. And thank the lords they had it the day I visited the library, I seriously don’t know what I would have done if they didn’t had it.

Audrey breaks up with her boyfriend, not knowing that that decision would change her life completely. Her ex-boyfriend writes a song about their break-up and it becomes a hit! I thought Audrey was this fun out going girl, who just wants her normal life back. She doesn’t want to be a celebrity who get chased by paparazzi and fake friends.

The trouble Audrey gets herself into are so fun to read, they really make you laugh out loud.
Even though you already know how the story will probably end you just cant wait to flip the pages to the last one.

Also each chapter is titled after a song, how fun is that?
A easy, fun, music loving, ‘romantic’ story.
Here's the Dutch Cover of Audrey, Wait!

Shweta  – (19 januari 2010 om 06:37)  

I loved reading this book. I agree though you know how it may end you still want to read it.

Anoniem –   – (19 januari 2010 om 07:02)  

Another one to add to my wishlist!

robby (once upon a book blog/fourteen years)  – (19 januari 2010 om 07:15)  

I love Robin Benway. Her new book is coming out in August and I CANNOT wait. :]

Nina  – (19 januari 2010 om 07:24)  

Robby: I have seen the cover of the new book and it looks amazing. Cant wait either!

Blodeuedd  – (19 januari 2010 om 08:11)  

It does sound like a fun story :)
Like that other cover too

Nina  – (19 januari 2010 om 08:12)  

Juju: I dig the Dutch cover too. LOL. Only Audrey in the book is blonde! Oops. :)

Sarah  – (19 januari 2010 om 09:42)  

I agree--I loved this one.

Jenn (Books At Midnight)  – (19 januari 2010 om 10:34)  

Ohh, great review! Seems like a very cute read, and one that I should probably check out. Plus, the Dutch cover is awesome. *o*

Ceri  – (19 januari 2010 om 11:29)  

Ooh, this sounds like a fun read, Nina. Will have to check this out.

April  – (19 januari 2010 om 11:43)  

This sounds like a really good book! Great review!

Becky  – (19 januari 2010 om 11:51)  

This sounds fun. Everyone who has read it seems to love it. Great review.

Bookalicious Ramblings  – (19 januari 2010 om 12:35)  

I absolutely ADORED this book! Agreed, it wasn't a masterpiece as such, but so damn enjoyable! I cannot wait for the author's next book, I think it's like my most anticipated YA read!

inthehammockblog  – (19 januari 2010 om 15:43)  

This book looks so good!! I thought I saw it at the library sale the other day but the pub date was 2007...

Melissa  – (19 januari 2010 om 17:35)  

At first it sounded like something I wouldn't like, but i liked your review and might have to give it a try!

Lea  – (19 januari 2010 om 17:45)  

This one sounds so awesome! I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for the review Nina :)

Nina  – (20 januari 2010 om 01:52)  

inthehammockblog: pub date was 2007? I just took the pub date from the dutch book!

Mishel  – (20 januari 2010 om 11:28)  

I'm totally digging the Dutch cover more =) Thanks for posting it!

Honestly, I kinda always blew over this book thinking I wouldn't like it. Your review definitely made me change my mind. I'll have to check this one out.

Lauren  – (20 januari 2010 om 14:56)  

Sounds like a really cute book! So, I must read it soon. :)

Miss Reith Jerevinan  – (30 januari 2010 om 22:32)  

Beautiful cover.. But I prefer the dutch version... very artistic!

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