Award time

I recieved this beautiful Oh La La! Award from Charlotte @ The Book on the Hill.
Questions I need to answer for the Award:

Where is your favourite place to read a book ?
In my favourite green and very old chair in my room. And when it’s summer I love to sit on the balcony and read.

Bookmarks or dog ears ?
Bookmarks! How can you even ask me that! Shocking!

What is the best book you have read so far this year?
This year, meaning 2010? I haven’t read any books in this year, yet. But in 2009 I will go for a book that I reread, Emma by Jane Austen.

Do you like to snack while reading and if so, what is your favourite snack?
We Dutch people like to eat liquorice! I used to eat allot of cheese curls, but nowadays I don’t do that anymore.

Book borrower or book collector ?
Both. Many of the YA books are not available in my library or any library in the Netherlands, so therefore if I want to read them I need to spend some money. But I also like to read some old books that where translated into Dutch and most of them are available in the library.

The award goes to the following lovely blogs:
Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

....Petty Witter  – (3 januari 2010 om 05:02)  

Well done you on that pretty award, some interesting questions and answers.

Becky  – (3 januari 2010 om 06:11)  

Love your answers. Congrats on the Award.

B.A.M. Book Reviews  – (3 januari 2010 om 08:05)  

Thanks so much :) You deserve your award.


Blodeuedd  – (3 januari 2010 om 09:48)  

Aww thank you! J'adore that award, so wonderful.

Congrats on getting it :D

vvb32 reads  – (3 januari 2010 om 10:21)  

congrats of the award! my hubby's background is dutch and we loves the dutch treats like stroopwafel and bitterballen ;-D

Nina  – (3 januari 2010 om 10:22)  

vvb32: How fun is that. I love stroopwafels too, they are so delicious. :)

Justine  – (3 januari 2010 om 17:08)  

Congrats on your award :)

And I love licorice too!! The cherry ones, hehe.

hmsgofita  – (3 januari 2010 om 17:29)  

Thanks, Nina! I love licorice! Do you have the kind with yummy cream stuff in the middle? I discovered those when I was living in the Canary Islands...we just don't have them over here in the states.

Lily Child  – (4 januari 2010 om 22:06)  

Congrats! Love your list! :)

Jill  – (7 januari 2010 om 06:52)  

I can't believe that there was a time when I used to turn down the pages! Now I try not to even bend the spine so that the book looks nices when I'm done. Weird I guess, but just a little quirk. Congratulations on the award!

Marjolein  – (26 januari 2010 om 11:05)  

leuk he die awards!
hoop ook ooit een keer aan de beurt te komen, hihi!

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