Dutch Cover ALERT

This idea/meme came from Jenny at Wondrous Reads.

United States – The Netherlands

Dutch Title: Fatale Kus
Translated: Fatal kiss

Description of the book:
When 16-year-old Scarlett Wakefield transfers from St. Tabby’s to Wakefield Hall Collegiate, she is relieved that no one knows her dark, haunting secret. A few months ago, Scarlett was invited to an elite party with a guest list full of the hottest names in British society, including Dan McAndrew. Before the party, Scarlett had only imagined what it would be like to have her first kiss with Dan, but on the penthouse terrace, Dan leaned in close and she no longer had to wonder.

Their kiss was beautiful and perfect and magical, and then... Dan McAndrew took his last breath as she held him in her arms. No one knows how or why Dan died, and everyone at St. Tabby’s believes Scarlett had something to do with it. But now that she’s safely hidden away at Wakefield Hall, Scarlett would rather forget that it ever happened. Only she can’t. Especially when she receives an anonymous note that will set her on the path to clearing her name and finding out what really happened to the first and last boy she kissed.

I absolutely adore the Dutch cover. Again they did a fantastic job with the art work on the book. If the books where next to each other I would probably buy the book with the Dutch cover, just because it really stands out with the orange and purple. The US cover is okay, but the girl looks like a doll. But than on the other hand my friend just asked ‘is the girl kissing air (on the Dutch cover)’. Funny.

Would you pick the Dutch or US cover?

Lea  – (20 januari 2010 om 05:57)  

I also really love the colors on the Dutch cover...so definitely the Dutch one. It draws my eyes a bit more :)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (20 januari 2010 om 06:45)  

I like the colors in the Dutch one but the intimacy of the American one.

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill)  – (20 januari 2010 om 06:52)  

'Is the girl kissing air' on the Dutch cover is exactly what I thought. Well, not exactly, I first thought 'Is the girl kissing the pink thing and what does this pink thing represent ?' ! :)

I'm not a big fan of either cover : like you I love the colors of the Dutch one, but the weird kissing thing kind of ruins it for me. As for the US cover, it feels a bit plain. But I've seen worse covers, they're just not that catchy for my eyes. :)

Becky  – (20 januari 2010 om 08:14)  

I like the US cover I guess. The Dutch one is quite ambigious. Love the premise. It sounds fab.

vvb32 reads  – (20 januari 2010 om 09:10)  

i like the u.s. one. the dutch one looks like she is kissing the pink swirly graphic. this book is one on my tbr list. mysterious.

Sarah  – (20 januari 2010 om 10:32)  

I also wondered if the girl was kissing air or the pink swirly graphic, and I'm not sure what the point of the graphic is. (It better be more than just looking pretty :D )

I really liked this book, and while I'm not sure either cover fully captures the essence of Scarlett and her story, I prefer the US cover. (Even though the colors on the Dutch cover are great.) The US cover is simple--almost elegant--and I love the contrast in the type of the title. And I guess the marketing people got it right, since the US cover is what I see in America, and the Dutch cover is what you see in the Netherlands, and we like what we see.

Ceri  – (20 januari 2010 om 12:16)  

The purple and orange are very pretty but, to be honest, I'd probably pick up the US version. I love the stark whiteness of the whole thing. :)

Sarah  – (20 januari 2010 om 12:19)  

I like the colours of the Dutch cover but I don't like the way she is kissing the pink graphic! I think because of that I prefer the US cover.

I like the sound of the book though - I'm already curious about reading it :o)

inthehammockblog  – (20 januari 2010 om 14:21)  

I actually like the US cover, she does look like a doll though :)

Book Monster  – (20 januari 2010 om 14:32)  

I adore the American cover more!!!

Lauren  – (20 januari 2010 om 14:36)  

I really like the cover of the Dutch version. Though, the model looks like she's kissing the pink swirly graphic thing which is kind of awkward, in my opinion.

On the other hand, the US cover is pretty and I love the simplicity of it.

So, in all, it's a tie for me.

Brianne  – (20 januari 2010 om 15:36)  

I like the US cover. It's soft and pretty.

Anoniem –   – (21 januari 2010 om 12:54)  

I like the Dutch cover too-especially the lacing and coloring they have around the title.
Also-omg, your owls on your heading and borders are so CUTE!!! I love them!!! <3

Jill of The O.W.L.  – (23 januari 2010 om 06:49)  

I agree completely with what Juju said!

And youg got more owls at the top!!! Love them :)

CarlyB  – (23 januari 2010 om 11:28)  

I think I'd go with the Dutch, it just caught my interest more. This book sounds fantastic, I must look out for it. Thanks for the review :)

hmsgofita  – (23 januari 2010 om 14:34)  

They are both intriguing...I think the U.S. cover for me since it invokes more mystery for me.

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