Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Title: Mrs. Dalloway
Written by: Virginia Woolf
Release date: (May, 1925) April, 2008
Pages: 216
Source: Library
Part of: Virginia Woolf Challenge

My feelings:

As Clarissa Dalloway walks through London on a fine June morning, a sky-writing plane captures her attention. Crowds stare upwards to decipher the message while the plane turns and loops, leaving off one letter, picking up another. Like the airplane's swooping path, Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway follows Clarissa and those whose lives brush hers--from Peter Walsh, whom she spurned years ago, to her daughter Elizabeth, the girl's angry teacher, Doris Kilman, and war-shocked Septimus Warren Smith, who is sinking into madness.

As Mrs. Dalloway prepares for the party she is giving that evening, a series of events intrudes on her composure. Her husband is invited, without her, to lunch with Lady Bruton (who, Clarissa notes anxiously, gives the most amusing luncheons). Meanwhile, Peter Walsh appears, recently from India, to criticize and confide in her. His sudden arrival evokes memories of a distant past, the choices she made then, and her wistful friendship with Sally Seton.

My Review:
Have you ever heard of Viginia Woolf? I didn’t, until I saw on nonsuchbookblog that they where hosting a challenge to read four of the novels she has written. I immediately looked her up online and was interested and intrigued by her stories and life story. I signed up and read Mrs. Dalloway in three days.

Never have I read such a beautiful book about thoughts. Thoughts from different characters, who tends to get sometimes very confusing and hard to get in to, but oh how I loved the characters. Sometimes it got confusing, just because I didn’t know which thoughts they where. Where they from Peter, Clarissa ..?

The story takes place in 1925, after World War I, London and I could imagine the woman in the beautiful dresses and men in suites and hats. Clarissa takes a walk to buy flowers for her party and you get to read her thoughts and the thoughts from the people she passes or meet on the way.

My favourite character was Lucrezia, wife of Septimus. Even though her thoughts weren’t mention as much as the others, she reminded me of someone I knew. She was strong and stood by her men even though he was mentally ill. She always put him first and her own feelings where pushed aside.

Suicide, homosexuality and other more themes where mentioned in the book and I really think that Virginia has done a great job writing about them. It’s not a happy story, but also not depressing, it makes you think about life and that’s what I love about the book.

The next book to read for this challenge is ‘To the Lighthouse’ and I cannot wait to start that one.

....Petty Witter  – (15 januari 2010 om 06:26)  

Ashamed to say I haven't read anything by this author though I've been meaning to ever since I saw a tv programme about her. Thanks for a great review Nina, you've persuaded me that I must pay a visit to the library.

PolishOutlander  – (15 januari 2010 om 06:49)  

I read this in college and I have to admit I never finished it. Ms. Woolf was just never my cup of tea. I do, however, have an award for you:

Sarah  – (15 januari 2010 om 07:50)  

I've not actually read any books by Virginia Woolf but your review has got me interested. I really think it's about time I started reading some of the classics :o)

CelticLady  – (15 januari 2010 om 09:29)  

Thanks for stopping by and entering my contest. I was glad that it could be international.... Good Luck!!

Ceri  – (15 januari 2010 om 10:50)  

I'm so glad you like Mrs Dalloway. I love this book. Though it did take me a few years to read this properly. I struggled with Virginia Woolf when I first picked her up in university. But after a few years of reflection and reading other things, I tried her again, and I really do adore this now.

I found To The Lighthouse hard-going too, but I think that's just the way I am with Woolf. Will have to pick it up again in a couple of years time.

Sandra  – (15 januari 2010 om 11:04)  

I like the cover you chose. I'm very glad that you enjoyed this book. I read it for the Woolf in Winter reading group too. My review is quite different from yours. The reviews of the others in the group are very enlightening-a couple of the readers are clearly experts about this author and I learned so much by reading them. I look forward to the next book, To the Lighthouse, and your review of it too.

Becky  – (15 januari 2010 om 11:53)  

I've only read one book by Virginia Woolf and it was for my degree studies. It was certainly thought-provoking. I guess I'm just too lazy a reader these days. Excellent review.

robby  – (15 januari 2010 om 12:46)  

I've read The Waves, another of Virginia Woolf's books, quite some time ago. It took a lot of thought, a lot of effort to get through, but it was beautiful.
This sounds great as well. :]

Sherrie  – (15 januari 2010 om 18:21)  

Sounds like an intriguing book. I have heard of Virgina Woolf, but sorry to say have never read any of her books. I'll have to see what's on hand at the library. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great weekend.

Just Books

Shy  – (16 januari 2010 om 01:50)  

To be very honest, I've never read anything about Mrs Dalloway as well and from the description you gave me, the book sounds very fascinating. Books about thoughts always intrigue me so I think I should try to get my hands on this one.

By the by, I have an award waiting for you on my site =)

Anoniem –   – (16 januari 2010 om 07:19)  

I loved your review! You made a most intricate book much clearer, and enticed those who haven't read it yet to pick it up. Rezia was one of my favorite characters, too, along with Sally. Rezia was very brave, and I wished I knew more about her and how she handled the death of her husband.

claire  – (16 januari 2010 om 11:06)  

Thank you for reading along with us, Nina! So glad you loved your introduction to Woolf. This was my first time reading her, too, and had much the same reaction as you. I didn't think it depressing, too, despite the somber themes, but Clarissa was so up and about that it was contagious.

Anoniem –   – (16 januari 2010 om 16:32)  

I'm so glad you enjoyed Mrs. Dalloway!

The character of Lucrezia really tugged at my heartstrings. She loved Septimus so much, and was awfully brave and loyal.

Lu @ Regular Rumination  – (16 januari 2010 om 17:40)  

I agree that it's not a depressing story at all and it's one of the best thoughtful books I've ever read. PS. I LOVE YOUR OWLS!

Richard  – (19 januari 2010 om 20:27)  

Nina, how interesting that Lucrezia was your favorite character! I agree that it would have been nice to learn more about her. Cheers!

Miss Reith Jerevinan  – (30 januari 2010 om 22:36) old literature.. surely i will find the book.. thanks for the info and wonderful review

Lea  – (31 januari 2010 om 12:05)  

Okay, so this does sound pretty awesome. :)

Thanks for the review!

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