To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

Title: To the Lighthouse
Written by: Virginia Woolf
Release date: (May 1927) December, 1989
Pages: 228
Source: Library
Part of:Virginia Woolf Challenge

My feelings:

The novel is one of Woolf's most successful and accessible experiments in the stream-of-consciousness style. The three sections of the book take place between 1910 and 1920 and revolve around various members of the Ramsay family during visits to their summer residence on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. A central motif of the novel is the conflict between the feminine and masculine principles at work in the universe.

My review:
My introduction to Virginia Woolf was Mrs. Dalloway that I read a few weeks earlier. The best introduction to this writer and her special way of writing. I loved Mrs. Dalloway, it’s the most amazing book I ever read in that kind of genre. To The kind of the same..but yet different.

Again it’s about thoughts and observations, instead of finding it great to hear these from the characters they where now very hard to follow. Again the sentences where very long and kind of poetic. To truly understand them I had to read it over and over again, and even then I didn’t understand all of it. Maybe it was because I could not relate to any of the characters or that my mind wasn’t in the right state of mind to read this one, but this one was hard.

Near the end, maybe thirty pages before the end (when Mrs. Ramsay died) the story really got interesting to read and the pages flew by. In the beginning of the story you read that the trip to the lighthouse has been cancelled. James and even Mrs. Ramsay really wanted to go, but Mr. Ramsay told them that they couldn’t go because of the bad weather that was coming.

I loved that when Mrs. Ramsay dies, years later Mr. Ramsay, James and Cam (two of his children) comes back to the summer residence and goes to the lighthouse with them.

The love between Mrs. Ramsay and Mr. Ramsay was absolutely there. When they took a walk in the garden and she touched his arm, something that she wouldn’t do as fast, but it just felt right, made me shiver. They couldn’t express their love in words, but just the looks and the thoughts they had where enough to know that they loved each other more than anyone in the world.

I enjoyed reading the book, but sometimes I just had to stop and put it away for a hour. I’ am definitely going to read allot more books written by Woolf and I just want to thank the creators of this awesome challenge for introducing me to this fantastic writer. If it weren’t for them I probably still be in the dark not knowing who she was and what she wrote. So a big thank you for you guys, and I hope that allot more “challenging”, “out of the box” challenges are coming!

Becky  – (31 januari 2010 om 07:58)  

I can completely understand your difficulties with the language and structure. Woolf is known for her complexity. I really admire you for giving this a go. It isn't an undertaking I fancy myself. But bravo!

robby (once upon a book blog/fourteen years)  – (31 januari 2010 om 08:03)  

I love the title, and the book sounds great. Even if Virginia Woolf will be a difficult author to make my way through, I'm so interested and intruiged by her writing style.

inthehammockblog  – (31 januari 2010 om 08:10)  

Great review! I've never read anything by this author.

Sarah  – (31 januari 2010 om 08:31)  

I've not read any of Virginia Woolf's books but I may have to give her a try - great review :o)

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill)  – (31 januari 2010 om 08:31)  

I really need to read Virginia Woolf's works. I already thought about starting with Mrs Dalloway, and I guess you're confirming it. :) Thank you for sharing both reviews.

Nina  – (31 januari 2010 om 10:10)  

Becky: Thank you so much. I love challenging challenges. :)

Robby: You really should try it. I really would recommend to start with Mrs. Dalloway.

inthehammock & Sarah: Try one! Mrs. Dalloway is very good and if you love the writing you can read this one! Mrs. Dalloway, I really enjoyed more than this one.

CHarlotte: Youre very welcome!

RaĆ­la  – (31 januari 2010 om 15:17)  

Great review! I never heard of this boo, though.

P.S.: I gave you an award over my blog! Have a nice week, girl. :)

Brianne  – (31 januari 2010 om 16:58)  

I haven't even heard of Woolf. But great review. I may give her a shot, but my list is so long... ;-P

Book Monster  – (31 januari 2010 om 19:12)  

Just wanted to let you know that you won a award on my site :)

Justine  – (31 januari 2010 om 21:21)  

This is amazing, and it sounds really good. I think I should check out Woolf. She seems like a great, poetic author :)

Juju at Tales of  – (1 februari 2010 om 07:15)  

Great review darling! I like this cover.

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