The Green Bronze Mirror by Lynne Ellison

Title: The Green Bronze Mirror

Written by: Lynne Ellison
Release date: (1966) 2009
Pages: 117
Source: Won @ Historical Fiction
My feelings:

Karen is playing on the beach when she finds an ancient mirror buried in the sand. She looks into it, and is transported back in time to the Roman empire. Finding herself a slave, she faces many hair-raising adventures in her struggle to return to her own time.

My Review:
Karen finds a ancient green mirror on the beach in the sand and looks into it. At the moment she does this, she knows something has changed. She has travelled into time and is now in Ancient times, exactly the Roman Empire.

Karen’s character is sweet and isn’t afraid to do whatever is necessary to find her way home. She meets some nice friends along the way and learns the way to survive in Ancient Times. Kleon is one of those friends and there is even a little bit of romance in the story. He’s such a good friend and is willing to help Karen whenever and wherever she needs him. Ooh the ending is fun, a little surprise at the end of the story made the story complete!

The story is really fun and you get to know some interesting facts about the Roman Empire, even Nero and slavery is included. I think this is such a short informative story for younger teens who loves history. It really is too bad that the story is not translated into Dutch, because the children in my class would love this. I highly recommend this short story to everybody who adores history!

Ceri  – (23 februari 2010 om 06:34)  

I love history. And any historical read is a winner in my books. :) Good review. x

PolishOutlander  – (23 februari 2010 om 07:05)  

This definitely sounds like something I would have wanted to read when I was a kid. I'll have to find myself a copy now.

Andrea  – (23 februari 2010 om 08:57)  

I have this one, but haven't read it yet. Great review!

Lauren  – (23 februari 2010 om 15:58)  

I've never of this before, but it sounds like a cute book. Great review. :)

Alayne  – (25 februari 2010 om 08:02)  

Nice review, sounds like a really cute story. I posted my review of The Yellow House today at The Crowded Leaf. The ending was just as fabulous as the rest of the book!

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