The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

Title: The Luxe

Written by: Anna Godbersen
Release date: September, 2008
Pages: 464
Source: Bought
Part of: 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge

My feelings:

A big, sumptuous tale of catty girls, dark secrets and windswept romance unfurls in this compulsively readable novel of late-19th-century New York City socialites. Godbersen weaves a tenuous web of deceit, backstabbing and pretense that follows four teens: Elizabeth Holland, a prim and proper lady of old-money society, is betrothed to one man, though furtively loves another; Henry Schoonmaker, a debauched playboy who must marry Elizabeth or be disinherited; Diana Holland, Elizabeth’s younger sister who is in love with her fiancé; and Penelope Hayes, a member of the nouveau riche who will stop at nothing to win Henry’s affections. As Elizabeth and Henry’s wedding approaches, the spectacle unfolds in a wondrously grandiose scene, making for a fun, though not entirely unexpected dénouement. A delicious new twist along the Gossip Girl vein, readers will clamor for this sharp, smart drama of friends, lovers, lies and betrayal.

My Review:
A few bloggers compared the book to Gossip Girl, reading that I had to read it. I wanted to read this book for a while now, but every time I saw the book at the bookstore an other young adult book in the same section got my attention first. I’m so glad I decided to pick this one up!

Not only is the time period fantastic, 1899, but the whole scene where they live in is fabulous. I mean if you love a book with scandals, gossips, love, secrets and betrayal don’t look any further this book is for YOU.

The book starts with the funeral of Elisabeth. It’s a short introduction of the characters in the book. Then it begins with a flashback, you go back into time to read what happened all before the murder. You read about Elisabeth and all of the other characters trough each characters eyes.

Wow I cant tell you how interesting the different points of views where. The characters lives are all tangled with each other and reading about their true feelings for Elisabeth and their secrets where nice. The writing is very good and when you first start reading the book you get trapped in the world of glitz and glamour. Warning sign: You also see the downside.

One thing about the characters = Henry, the guy who was Elisabeth fiancé reminded me of Chuck from Gossip Girl. A true socialite who partied way too much.

Okay so I want to say that the whole time I was thinking who killed her, but that wasn’t the case. Though it was the case when I read about how she died or how everybody think she died on the last pages. There where too many haters who could have been the killer, so I am really and seriously looking forward to the sequel. I just cant wait to find out who killed Elisabeth.

Melissa  – (25 februari 2010 om 06:44)  

Such a brilliant review! I've been just dying to read this series...I really need to just start :)

Cleverly Inked  – (25 februari 2010 om 07:13)  

Great review, I have been putting this one off..Guess it's time to grab it

Juju at Tales of  – (25 februari 2010 om 07:26)  

Great review!
I've always adored these covers.
Probably because I'm obsessed with the dresses.

Becky  – (25 februari 2010 om 07:48)  

Fab review. It certainly is a great series. I love all the scandal!

Blodeuedd  – (25 februari 2010 om 09:03)  

Nice review.
I have deiced this one is not for me, rich bitchy kids are not my cup of tea

Adriana  – (25 februari 2010 om 09:24)  

Great review! I love this series and the covers are my absolute favorite!

Andrea  – (25 februari 2010 om 11:05)  

Henry later reminded me of Nate more, but I see what you are saying. I'm glad you liked it since I thought they were really great!

Melissa  – (25 februari 2010 om 11:38)  

I never even would have considered this one, but your review makes it interesting. I'll really have to think about this one!

The Critic  – (25 februari 2010 om 12:55)  

Nice review! :) I liked it a little less than you did, but I still liked it well enough. I read the thing 4 times! :P Just don't be too disappointed by the new ones. All I'm saying there!

nomadreader  – (25 februari 2010 om 14:38)  

I've been meaning to read this one for too long. Perhaps one day I will finally get around to it. In the meantime, thanks for the reminder!

Bookalicious Ramblings  – (25 februari 2010 om 14:40)  

I love this series! And I agree, Henry is such a Chuck, hehe!

robby (once upon a book blog/fourteen years)  – (25 februari 2010 om 14:50)  

These books sound wonderful!
Gossip Girl just began a whole new craze and I haven't read one book in any of these series'.
I'm definately going to check these out, though. :]

Lea  – (25 februari 2010 om 16:58)  

Awesome review! I really need to reread this one, because I remember enjoying the scandal ;)

Terra  – (25 februari 2010 om 18:58)  

I don't usually read this kind of thing but I have been seeing reviews lately that make me want to pick this book up. Thanks for the great review. Also, I have an award for you over on my blog:

Jill of The O.W.L.  – (25 februari 2010 om 19:20)  

Thanks for the review. I just got this one! I've been drawn to them for very shallow reasons - I LOVE the dresses on the covers. :)

Ella Press  – (25 februari 2010 om 19:36)  

Sounds good, I love that time! I would have been happy living there. I don't read that much history lit, but I'd read this.

About the giveaway for Gamers' Quest at my blog, yes it's international. You're more than welcome to enter!

Book Monster  – (25 februari 2010 om 23:13)  

I've seen this quite a lot recently, and it looks interesting.

....Petty Witter  – (26 februari 2010 om 04:22)  

Many thanks for your kind words Nina. Its good to be back. I'm hoping to have a proper catch up over the next few days.

dArLyN  – (26 februari 2010 om 05:59)  

if you think about the gossip girl, i think i'm gonna love this one too..

i like chuck bass.. *LOL*

bermudaonion  – (26 februari 2010 om 06:17)  

I've heard this series is a lot of fun, so I need to give it a try!

Christina/Book Addict  – (26 februari 2010 om 06:57)  

I need to read this series. I know that the covers always caught my eye, but I have no idea why I haven't picked the books up yet. After your review, I am definitely putting them on TBR pile. Plus, I love Gossip Girl so I should enjoy all the scandal. :)

hmsgofita  – (28 februari 2010 om 11:26)  

I've so much about these books...will have to read soon! Great review!

Ladybug  – (10 maart 2010 om 06:34)  

Great review! I have The Luxe sitting on my shelf but I haven't read it yet(my sister borrowed it from me and she liked it - that's always a good sign).

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