Cat Sitter Series: Mystery of the Siamese by Teresa Ives Lilly

Title: Cat Sitter Series: Mystery of the Siamese

Written by: Teresa Ives Lilly
Release date: 2009
Pages: 42
Source: Received by author

My feelings:

Meet Cat, who is a cat sitter. She takes care of these wonderful cats when their owners are away. In each story, Cat runs into some unusual situations while dealing with the cats. In this first mystery, Cat can not understand why Percy is acting so unlike himself while Cat is in charge. In this story, Cat also must write a Haiku for school, all about a cat.

My Review:
A week ago I had to baby-sit my nieces and I told them that at night I would read them a story about a cat. They enjoy hearing stories about animals and adventures, so I thought this would be a good book for them. It totally lived up to the expectations.

The story is fun, sweet and short. It’s about a girl called Catherine, shorten for Cat. She has a job as a pet sitter and when a neighbour calls her to take care of her cat, she is willing to this. When she picks the cat up at the sister of the neighbour and brings the cat back to the house of the neighbour something is wrong. The cat acts strange. Catherine was such a sweet girl, she took really good care of the cat and when the cat acted strange, she really was worried. My nieces loved Cat and especially her job. The oldest asked me if she could be a pet sitter too. So sweet.

The ending was really fun. It was something we didn’t expected. I recommend this book to everyone who loves cats and who loves a quick fun read. Children till a age of 8/9 will love this story.

The book is available at and in print form at !!

Blodeuedd  – (14 maart 2010 om 06:58)  

Aww sounds like a cute book

Melissa  – (14 maart 2010 om 13:44)  

Sounds like a sweet story. I think I know 2 little girls who would love this.

Cleverly Inked  – (14 maart 2010 om 23:10)  

What age do you think this is right for? I think I might add this to my sons to read when he can read box

....Petty Witter  – (15 maart 2010 om 06:25)  

Another for my wish list. I love cats but don't usually read stories about them as you can guarantee something awful is about to happen to them. This doesn't sound like that sort of book though, thanks for sharing it with us.

Lauren  – (20 maart 2010 om 17:47)  

Aww, this sounds like a sweet book.

Jo  – (22 maart 2010 om 15:20)  

This sounds like a fantastic book. I'm definitely going to look into it.

The author sounds familiar. I've either read something she's written before or read about some other book by her.

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