L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

Title: L.A. Candy

Written by: Lauren Conrad
Release date: June 2009
Pages: 352
Source: Bought
My feelings:

Los Angeles is all about the sweet life: hot clubs, cute guys, designer . . . everything. Nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts can't wait to start living it up. She may be in L.A. for an internship, but Jane plans to play as hard as she works, and has enlisted her BFF Scarlett to join in the fun.
When Jane and Scarlett are approached by a producer who wants them to be on his new series, a "reality version of Sex and the City," they can hardly believe their luck. Their own show? Yes, please!

Soon Jane is TV's hottest star. Fame brings more than she ever imagined possible for a girl from Santa Barbara—free designer clothes, the choicest tables at the most exclusive clubs, invites to Hollywood premieres—and she's lapping up the VIP treatment with her eclectic entourage of new pals. But those same friends who are always up for a wild night are also out for a piece of Jane's spotlight.

In a city filled with people chasing after their dreams, it's not long before Jane wakes up to the reality that everyone wants something from her, and nothing is what it seems to be.

My Review:
After watching the Hills marathon, my opinion about the show changed. It really is fun and indeed entertaining!
So I looked Lauren Conrad up online and found out that she was writing a book. Now a couple of months later I was still curious about the book and wanted to read this when I got the chance. I bought it, read it and thought it was enjoyable.

Jane and Scarlett are moving to Los Angeles. Scarlett to study at a university and Jane to intern at a party planner company. The girls get discovered at a club by a producer who wants to start a reality show with them. Well you can figure out the rest, I mean drama, romance, lots of clubbing and drinking. Sounds familiar? Well yes, everything in the book sounds familiar. It’s really Lauren’s own story that she is telling. You get a inside look at how her life was when she was in front of the camera. Is there any depths of the characters? No, not really but as it is a first book we must forgive her.

The plot is good, but not great. The beginning was a little bit too slow for me, but it got really excited near the end. The book ends with a totally great cliff-hanger, which I cannot tell you anything about without spoiling it. A fun, quick, enjoyable read that got me excited about the second book in the series.

Andrea  – (1 maart 2010 om 08:16)  

I want to read this one day. It sounds fun.

Christina/Book Addict  – (1 maart 2010 om 08:38)  

Great review. I haven't read this book, but I enjoyed watching the Hills. It was my guilty pleasure. :) Her second book is apparently doing really well on the NY Times Bestseller list.

Sheila (Bookjourney)  – (1 maart 2010 om 09:27)  

I like the occasional fun and quick read - this one sounds like it would be :)

Melissa  – (1 maart 2010 om 11:46)  

I haven't seen the Hills, and this isn't really my cup of tea, but I did enjoy reading your review. I think I know someone who would enjoy this book. Thanks.

Anoniem –   – (1 maart 2010 om 12:10)  

These books sounds like fun. I may read them eventually. Thanks for the review! :)

Blodeuedd  – (1 maart 2010 om 12:39)  

Nice review.
Hm so she has written a book now too, dunno, it could be good, should not judge

robby (once upon a book blog)  – (1 maart 2010 om 13:13)  

I don't like the Hills. Or Laguna Beach. Or MTV, at least not what it's turned in to now.
But for some reason, these books sound really great.
Wonderful review! :]

Addicted Book Reader  – (1 maart 2010 om 13:33)  

I kinda really want to read this ; ) Glad you liked it!

Luisa at Chicklish  – (1 maart 2010 om 14:13)  

Thank you for the great review! I think I'd like to read this book.

Sarah (Book Reviews from Inside an Igloo)  – (1 maart 2010 om 15:36)  

I felt the same way about this book, it was "cute". Nice review! I'm following your blog now :)

Melissa  – (1 maart 2010 om 17:12)  

I don't like Lauren Conrad...or The Hills...or reality TV in general. If I hadn't known of her beforehand, I might have enjoyed this, but I don't think I could read it now. That said, thank you for the great review, and I'm glad you liked it :)

Shweta  – (1 maart 2010 om 19:06)  

I have heard so much about Hills. I would happily give this book a try. Sounds different from my usual reads..Nice review

Ceri  – (2 maart 2010 om 05:19)  

The fact that I hate Lauren Conrad might bias my view towards reading this but I'm glad you liked it. :)

Lea  – (2 maart 2010 om 20:25)  

I've been hesitating with this one, but I'll put it on my tbr list now, if you say it's a good, fun read. Awesome review :D

miss cindy :)  – (3 maart 2010 om 09:22)  

Great review. This one might not be for me but I enjoyed reading what you thought about it :)

nomadreader  – (3 maart 2010 om 09:28)  

I just finished this one a few days ago and will be reviewing it tomorrow. I'm glad you liked it

sary-09  – (3 maart 2010 om 11:35)  

Ehhyhyyyyy! oh oh ho! for ALL Lauren conrad's fan! fallow @LaurenConrad F on Twitter! an accuonut for the fansssss!! pleaseee! thank you!

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill)  – (3 maart 2010 om 12:17)  

I don't know who Lauren Conrad is (shame on me or not ?!), but the summary doesn't really get my attention. Kind of already seen, already read, etc. Thanks for the review. :)

YA Vampire Books  – (5 maart 2010 om 12:59)  

Hi! You have an award (two actually) to pick up on my blog!

Cleverly Inked  – (7 maart 2010 om 18:49)  

I keep hearing mixed reviews...I think I will leave this

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