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Hopefully in two weeks I can start blogging regularly again. At the moment I'm very busy with college, exams and the internship. I just wanted to let you know that, yes, I'm still alive just m.i.a. I haven’t gone shopping for a while now and my hands are itching to buy new books. I finished Oeroeg and started to read Soulless. It's pretty good so far. I hope it stays that way too.

In three weeks my best friend and I are going to elf fantasy fair. I never been there, but I heard it's very fun. We made a deal that we wouldn't wear costumes. Guess what! She changed her mind, she's going as a witch. So I decided I'm going as a fairy. :) I haven’t bought a dress yet, but when I do I will post a picture of it.

My interview with Charlotte is up on her blog, go check it out at The Book on the Hill.
Well it's time to read some reviews and add some books to my growing tbr list.

You will hear from me soon..

With lots of love,


Becky  – (28 maart 2010 om 08:25)  

Hope those exams go well Nina. See you on the flip side! Can't wait to see the fairy costume.

Book Crazy Jenn  – (28 maart 2010 om 08:30)  

Miss you but understand that school has to come first, I hope all the Exams go well and you do amazing, as I am sure you will!

I cant wait to see your costume! And have fun!

Shweta  – (28 maart 2010 om 08:40)  

Hope your exams go really well :) Go fairy !

fredamans  – (28 maart 2010 om 10:28)  

Best of luck in school!

Happy Palm Sunday!

Jenny N.  – (28 maart 2010 om 11:18)  

Dont worry about it, school is more important than blogging.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (28 maart 2010 om 12:18)  

Have fun at the fair!!! I'm sure your costume will be awesome! Good luck with your studies!!

Glee is a tv show, it's about a high school show choir, so each week they sing cover songs. The cd is a compilation of the songs from the show!! I'm sure you can find some clips on youtube :)

Jan von Harz  – (28 maart 2010 om 12:57)  

Nina, hope school calms down and you enjoy your fantasy fair (sounds intriguing). Always appreciate your comments and catching up with your reading.

Melissa  – (28 maart 2010 om 13:27)  

Have fun!! Hope you post pics of your costume. I also hope you love Soulless. I still have it on my tbr, so I'm looking forward to your review.

Sarah  – (28 maart 2010 om 17:18)  

Good luck with exams and have fun at the fair :) I understand being busy and MIA from blogging...I've been busy too. Oh, school...

Anoniem –   – (28 maart 2010 om 18:03)  

You take whatever time you need with school. Exams are cropping up for everyone now so the best of luck! Elf fair sounds like so much fun!



Lily Child  – (28 maart 2010 om 20:16)  

I've been like that too lately...real life is demanding more of my time, so very little blogging on my end as well. Enjoy spring break! Let me know when you are done reading Soulless, so we can chat! Good luck on your exams!

....Petty Witter  – (29 maart 2010 om 04:35)  

Good luck with your exams and internship. The Elf Fantasy Fair sounds like fun - I'm having difficulties with the link you provided at the moment but will keep trying.

Cleverly Inked  – (29 maart 2010 om 06:07)  

Best of Luck. We will be around when you get back

blueicegal  – (29 maart 2010 om 11:20)  

i was thinkin where you went of to, good luck girl, work hard :)

Anoniem –   – (2 april 2010 om 06:56)  

Good luck with school and your internship! And have fun at the elf fantasy fair! That sounds like it would be really cool. :D

vvb32 reads  – (2 april 2010 om 15:31)  

good luck with exams! and have a great time at the elf fantasy fair - looks like a magical place ;-D

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