Playing with the Grown-ups by Sophie Dahl

Title: Playing with the Grown-ups
Written by: Sophie Dahl

Release date: February, 2009
Pages: 288
Source: Bought

My feelings:

For Kitty, growing up at Hay House amongst bluebell woods and doting relations is heaven. But for her mother, the restless Marina, a bohemian beauty who paints and weeps with alacrity, this comfortable domesticity cannot provide the novelty and excitement she craves. Marina is utterly beguiling, but more often than not Kitty can only gaze on her antics with awe and toe-curling trepidation. When Swami-ji, Marina’s Guru, sees Marina’s future in New York, the family relocates, leaving Kitty exiled in a colorless boarding school. Reprieve comes in the form of the Guru’s summons to the ashram; but then, just as Kitty is approaching enlightenment, she and Marina are off again, leaving for an England that is now fast and unfamiliar. This time no god, man, or martini can staunch Marina’s hunger for a happiness that proves all too elusive. And Kitty, turning fifteen, must choose: whether to play dangerous games with the grown-ups or begin to put herself first.

My Review:
This book has the most loveliest cover I ever seen, it’s gorgeous. Playing with the Grown-ups is written by Sophie Dahl, granddaughter of Roald Dahl and I was reminded of the wonderful books he has written, Mathilda one of my favourites. I read a review for this book at Claire’s blog and I thought I should give this one a try and I am so glad I did.

Playing with the Grown-Ups is about Kitty and her mom, Marina. It’s about growing up and realising that glamorous mom hasn’t got it all.

The story begins with a pregnant Kitty who gets a phone call from her sister to come to England, something happened to their mother. Kitty hops on a plane and there it begins. We get to know Kitty and her family trough some kind of flashbacks.

Kitty and her mother lived with her grandparents, bestepapa and bestamama (so cute and fairytale like) but mom decides that they need a change and they pack up their stuff and are moving to New York. Kitty is shipped to boarding school and mom starts a glamorous life in the big city. When mom decides that it’s time Kitty joins them in New York, everything changes. Kitty is following her mother in her footsteps and eventually everything goes down hill. When Mr.Fitzgerald, the father of Kitty dies they all go to England and from there her mother changes. Marina turns into a drug addict and can’t even take care of her children anymore. That task is left to the housekeeper and Kitty.

As a reader I knew that Marina loved Kitty and her other children, but she just wasn’t able to see that the things she did had a negative influence on them. She had so much pain inside after Mr. Fitzgerald died and didn’t know how to deal with it. Kitty was forced to grow up fast and when she decides to go to boarding school in Connecticut, I applaud her for the courage to leave her mom and choose for herself.

The ending was kind of abrupt. As a reader I needed some more information and I really wanted to know what happened when Kitty meets her mother in the hospital. But overall I really loved the book, adored it. The book got my attention from beginning to end. Sophie Dahl writes beautiful and even though it’s no fairy tale, it really feels like one.

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill)  – (6 maart 2010 om 05:13)  

Oh, what a nice cover and awesome review. I had no idea Roald Dahl's granddaughter was an author too. Thank you for sharing, I had never heard of that book ! :)

claire  – (6 maart 2010 om 05:49)  

I'm glad you liked it, Nina! :) I recommend you read her other book, The Man with the Dancing Eyes.. it's charming.

dArLyN  – (6 maart 2010 om 06:13)  

she's the granddaughter of roald dahl? that's why i thought she seems familiar. *LOL*

btw, nice review. =)

Bookalicious Ramblings  – (6 maart 2010 om 06:53)  

Agreed, the cover is absolutely beautiful! I admit I'm not entirely attracted to the plot as such, but quite tempted to read it or just own it because of the amazing cover! I absolutely adored Mathilda too!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (6 maart 2010 om 06:59)  

Great review! This looks so good, I've never heard of it before! Thanks for sharing!! The style of the cover is gorgeous!

PolishOutlander  – (6 maart 2010 om 08:11)  

I am loving the cover. Much better than the US one. I'm glad you liked it. I might have to pick this up too.

Lily Child  – (6 maart 2010 om 08:11)  

Nina, I have an award for you, love! :)

Blodeuedd  – (6 maart 2010 om 12:36)  

I tried but it just didn't let me in :(

Anoniem –   – (6 maart 2010 om 12:43)  

Ooh, I've always wondered what Sophie Dahl's writing is like. Especially as I love Roald Dahl - my favourite childhood writer. I think I'll give this a go.

Kelsey  – (6 maart 2010 om 13:21)  

Sounds good! I used to love Roald Dahl's books too :)

Luisa at Chicklish  – (6 maart 2010 om 16:24)  

Wonderful review - you've really made me want to read it!

Sarah (Book Reviews from Inside an Igloo)  – (6 maart 2010 om 16:43)  

not really related, but I love your little hearts for your rating system. So cute.

....Petty Witter  – (7 maart 2010 om 05:28)  

I also love the cover, its so simple and yet so pretty. A great review, library here I come.

Melissa  – (7 maart 2010 om 15:43)  

I love the cover as well. I didn't know about this book. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the great review.

Cleverly Inked  – (7 maart 2010 om 18:47)  

seems like a decent read..The cover is whimsy

Jillian  – (8 maart 2010 om 01:19)  

I love your blog!
And also, I gave you an award on mine.

Lauren  – (8 maart 2010 om 13:27)  

Fantastic review! I think I remember hearing that Sophie Dahl had a book out but I had no idea it would be that interesting.

hmsgofita  – (9 maart 2010 om 09:55)  

I'll have to look into this one. It sounds sad but hopeful at the same time. I have always enjoyed Roald Dahl's stories. Thanks for the fantastic review.

Shantal  – (10 maart 2010 om 17:37)  

Wonderful review!! :) , I must get this book! It sounds so good, lovely book cover :) glad you liked it :)

brizmus  – (11 maart 2010 om 10:25)  

Ohmygod, I adore this cover! And the title. It sounds slightly, thouggh, as if the book doesn't live up to the high hopes for it that the cover gives me.
It sounds wonderful, though, and as I went to boarding school, I tend to love boarding school books.

Lauren  – (20 maart 2010 om 17:51)  

I adore how you always have reviews for books that I've never heard of before. It makes me love your blog even more. :) Anyway, this one sounds really great. Thanks for the lovely review!

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