Witch Way to the Mall by Esther Friesner

Title: Witch Way to the Mall
Written by: Harry Turtledove, Sarah A. Hoyt, Jan and S.M. Stirling, K. D. Wentworth, and more

Release date: May 2009
Pages: 416
Source: Bought

My feelings:

Move over, urban fantasy—here comes suburban fantasy. What self-respecting witch, vampire, or werewolf would be caught dead—or undead—anywhere but the Big City, you may ask? Look, let’s give the uncanny crew a little credit for intelligence: If they had the smarts to see the advantage in packing up and moving into the cities, why wouldn’t they have the smarts to move out of said cities if it looked like they could get a better quality-of-life/death elsewhere? (Tough enough going about your otherworldly business and evading the occasional mob wielding halogen torches and designer pitchforks, but have you ever seen city real estate prices?)So let’s welcome our first group of supernatural suburbanites, the witches. Their powers are awesome, their methods of coping with the lumps, bumps, and idiosyncrasies of Suburbia are ingenious, and they always bring the loveliest gingerbread to the PTA bake sale. But whatever you do, don’t try telling them that life in a non-city setting is bland, banal and boring, or you might get turned into . . . ribbit!

My Review:
So I saw this book at the American Book Store and thought immediately this is so going to be funny. I was there to buy a book written by Terry Pratchett, I even had it in my hands. But then I made the decision to go home with this one. Oh how I wished I didn’t. Why? Well I didn’t quite like it. The book is filled with short stories written by different authors. No problem with that. Some of the stories where enjoyable. Entertaining, but not at all funny. I really had high hopes for this book and I really hoped that it was going to be so funny that I would laugh so hard in the train. It just wasn’t.
The stories where all about witches living in the suburb and how they deal with the ‘normal’ problems on their own magical way. Sometimes the witches didn’t felt magical at all, just plain normal. I would have loved to see more action, magic and even a few good laughs. I mean fighting with a another witch to win a bird contest, isn’t really excited! Or maybe I just didn’t get it.

So there you have it, my little review for this ‘ just okay’ book.

Shweta  – (16 april 2010 om 05:21)  

Too bad that the book didn't stay up to ur expectations. It does have a really nice cover though :)

Blodeuedd  – (16 april 2010 om 05:44)  

Nice review, sometimes books are just ok

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (16 april 2010 om 05:56)  

Oh what a bummer that you didn't dig it. I love the title and cover.

fredamans  – (16 april 2010 om 10:31)  

I would not sacrifice a Pratchett book for any works.... though I love the Shannara series.

I would still check this out though. Bad or not, for some reason it calls me.

Jan von Harz  – (16 april 2010 om 11:54)  

Sorry you didn't like the book. I have done that before too. Best to stick with the one you went for.

Melissa  – (16 april 2010 om 13:29)  

I'm sorry you didn't like this one. The best one's I've read are the Broken Heart Vampire series that deal with a sort of suburban lifestyle. A sort... LOL

Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (16 april 2010 om 23:27)  

Hmm..suburban fantasy? That sounds like an interesting idea. But I'm probably going to pass on this one for now. I hate it when I buy a book and don't like it. I always feel like I've wasted money. Better luck next time, and thanks for the review!

dArLyN  – (16 april 2010 om 23:38)  

you bought this over terry pratchet?my gawd...i'm sorry this one is a disappointment..=(

YA Vampire Books  – (17 april 2010 om 03:18)  

Seems like an okay book, but nothing more

Sometimes I think it's hard to like books with short stories, some of the stories are great, but most feels like they're lacking in some parts. Which makes the book hard to rate ;)

You have an award to pick up here: http://yavampirebooks.blogspot.com/2010/04/happy-101-award.html

....Petty Witter  – (17 april 2010 om 06:01)  

I thought this book looked wonderful so was sad to read you hadn't really enjoyed it. You'll now have to buy the TP book as intended in order to cheer yourself up.

Becky  – (17 april 2010 om 07:57)  

Hmmm... Definitely not one to pick up. I'm not one for short stories anyway but this sounds at best mediocre. Great honest review Nina.

Lauren  – (17 april 2010 om 13:02)  

What a pity. I do think the idea sounds pretty quirky and fun, but I guess it's not that well executed. Still, it's great to read your honest thoughts. I don't think this is something I'll be reading!

blueicegal  – (18 april 2010 om 15:39)  

i don't really go for those a book with different stories even if its authors i like, i dunno its just not me and to be honest im not such a fan of witches, but everything is an experience and this one will help your realise and not take the same chance again, so think positive, thanks for the review :)

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