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This idea/meme came from Jenny at Wondrous Reads.

United States

The Netherlands

A lot of young adults here in Holland are fan of the series, even in my internship class there are children who adore those books. I haven't read them, but I hope I get the chance in the Summer!
On to the covers.. I adore the US covers, they are pretty. I like that it's simple, one colour in the background and then a doll who represents a girl in the book (I think). But they did a amazing job with the Dutch covers too, all of the girls are on the cover which I think is great. And the stripes are fun too, some candy wrap up. If I had to choose I would pick the US covers. I just like that there is just one colour at the background that really pops out when you look at them.

Here you can find the description of the book!

Would you pick the Dutch or US cover?

Darlyn  – (19 mei 2010 om 05:54)  

well, this is hard..i think i cant pick either.. =(

Melissa  – (19 mei 2010 om 07:58)  

Dutch cover for me, hands down. :)

Cari  – (19 mei 2010 om 08:00)  

Oh I want to read this series! I also like the Dutch covers I would want both! I can't wait for the tv show.

Andrea  – (19 mei 2010 om 08:00)  

I love the US only because they have the doll on the front and the real girl on the back and they look just alike!

Luisa at Chicklish  – (19 mei 2010 om 09:21)  

I like them both! Really can't decide on this one. It's so interesting to see the Dutch covers, though. Thanks!

Adriana  – (19 mei 2010 om 10:04)  

I actually really like the Dutch covers. I don't really like the barbies on the US covers.

Shweta  – (19 mei 2010 om 10:26)  

Never been a fan of US covers..I think I like the Dutch covers better :)

vvb32 reads  – (19 mei 2010 om 11:12)  

i like the US. mostly because i like the doll images.

Addicted Book Reader  – (19 mei 2010 om 13:13)  

Very hard to pick, but I think the US covers are a little better than the UK ones. I really want to read them though! : )

Anoniem –   – (19 mei 2010 om 17:27)  

The Dutch are really cool. I love these posts! :)

....Petty Witter  – (21 mei 2010 om 04:24)  

I like both the yellow cover and the cover with green stripes.

hmsgofita  – (21 mei 2010 om 08:32)  

Neither cover really interests me. But I like the Dutch covers better; they look like they are about real instead of a barbie!

hmsgofita  – (21 mei 2010 om 08:33)  

I meant "real people, instead of a barbie."

PolishOutlander  – (21 mei 2010 om 08:43)  

I think there is something intriguing about the Dutch covers. I think I like both versions.

Candace  – (21 mei 2010 om 16:19)  

I'm not sure which I like better... maybe the Dutch cause it's a bit more unique looking.

Lauren  – (22 mei 2010 om 09:27)  

That's a toughie. I think the Dutch covers are really fun, but maybe a little 'busy' looking. I also like the way the US covers have a shot of all four characters on the back. But both of these are more fun than the UK covers, which are marketed to adults and way less awesome.

wdebo  – (29 mei 2010 om 06:52)  

The Dutch ones are so funky and cool, but I would pick the US just because I like the dolls + real people and how they look just the same :D

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