Greek : Double Date by Marscha Warner

Title: Greek : Double Date

Written by: Marscha Warner
Release date: May, 2010
Pages: 208
Source: Netgalley, Harlequin

My Feelings:

Two dates—same night!
Major oops. When Casey Cartwright's brother begs her to be nerdy Dale Kettlewell's date to the sure-to-be-boring Honors Engineering Awards, Casey says yes. Even though Dale is totally not her type… and might have a crush on her. Ugh. But it's a nice thing to do, and Casey's always been the "nice" girl.
But now, that night conflicts with the biggest event of the semester, the All-Greek formal. Casey already has a date lined up: hot transfer student Rob Howell. He's her plan to get over her sexy-slacker ex, Cappie. And even nice girls get to be bad sometimes, right?
What to do? With a little help from BFF Ashleigh, unwanted advice from frenemy Rebecca Logan and even a push from Cappie, what Casey does may surprise even herself….

My Review:
Major oops, indeed! When Rusty asks his older sister to go on a date with his roommate Dale she says ‘yes’. When the date is moved on the day of the Formal, she decides not to go and text him the message. Unfortunately, the geek himself can’t do two things at the same time and the message never reaches him. Also there’s a secret about Rob that only Rebecca knows, but is keeping to herself.

Talk about trouble in paradise. In the beginning it went to slow and I had big trouble getting into the story. There wasn’t a lot of things happening in the beginning, but when the day finally arrives of the date the story picks up the pace and the roller coast begins. It still didn’t grabbed my fullest attention, but it was way better than the beginning.

There was not a lot of development of the characters and I felt like they where missing something. I couldn’t bond with any of them. I would have love to learn more about the backgrounds of the characters, but also about the sorority. But even though there wasn’t any depth I still liked Casey and Cappie. They where cute characters that made the story worth the read. I mean the whole time I was hoping that they would get together.

And then finally the end came, which by the way was a open ending. Don’t we all love that, now we have to wait for the second book to know if Casey ends up with the love of her life.
Overall I did enjoy the book, but I did not adore it.

Becky  – (17 mei 2010 om 07:23)  

Well the premise sounds like fun but not all my type of read. It doesn't sound like it really gripped you Nina. I guess even lighthearted teen stories need strong characterisation to really have an impact. Great review :-)

Juju at Tales of  – (17 mei 2010 om 07:37)  

Do you like open endings?

Great review :)

Nina  – (17 mei 2010 om 08:18)  

Becky: That's so true, somethimes the light and fluffy books need some great characters!

Juju: I don't like open endings at all!! Do you? :)

Christina/Book Addict  – (17 mei 2010 om 08:53)  

Great review. I have seen a lot of my students reading this series. It seems fun, but not something I'll pick up. Maybe if I had watched the TV show before I'd be more inclined to read this series? Either way, thank you for the honest review.

Lea (YA Book Queen)  – (17 mei 2010 om 10:39)  

Sounds like a cute book (and the show is such a guilty pleasure), but the character development is really important to me. I hate it when characters haven't been fully developed :(

Great review, Nina!

Melissa  – (17 mei 2010 om 13:38)  

I enjoyed this series when it first came on tv, but then I just fell out of watching it. Glad you at least enjoyed this book. :)

....Petty Witter  – (18 mei 2010 om 08:57)  

Sometimes a slow starter is worth sticking with, other times not - you still don't sound too convinced about this book to me.

Nina  – (18 mei 2010 om 09:22)  

Melissa: The show isn't airing here in Holland, so this was my first introduction to the characters.

Petty Witter: Don't I? Well, I think it's because I'm not. I don't think I am going to try the second book! Thank you for stopping by. :)

Darlyn  – (18 mei 2010 om 09:39)  

I never watch the series though, but it sounds ok.. =)

Luisa at Chicklish  – (18 mei 2010 om 13:31)  

Thanks for the review! I've watched some of this series and I usually love this kind of story, so I think I'd enjoy this, but it's very interesting to hear your reservations about it. :)

Kris (Voracious YAppetite)  – (18 mei 2010 om 14:06)  

I care about characterization over anything else in a novel, so if it's lacking, it really affects my feelings of the book overall. I think most people prefer the main issue in a novel to be solved by the end, even if it's part of a series. When authors don't, it can seem like a cheap ploy to ensure continued interest in the series. Great review!

YA Vampire Books  – (19 mei 2010 om 03:51)  

Sounds like an okay book! Nothing I would buy, but I would gladly read it for free ;)

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