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A while ago Cecile from Not in the Pink tagged me to do this meme and today I thought instead of Dutch Cover Alert (Don't worry, next week we can choose between The Netherlands and the United States again) I will post this!

Name a film that you have seen more than 10 times.
Seriously, more than 10 times? I don’t think I ever see a movie more then 10 times. But I did see Armageddon five times and The Devil wears Prada probably six times. So maybe next year I can answer this question correctly.

Name a film that you’ve seen multiple times in the cinema.
None. I only will watch a movie one time in a cinema. I will not spend money too see it multiple times on the big screen, when I can buy the DVD a few weeks later!
Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a film.
Romola Garai, yes she’s THAT good.
Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a film.
Gwyneth Paltrow, sorry but the movie Emma made me not like you very much.

Name a film that you can and do quote from.
The Devil Wears Prada and I quote ‘You went upstairs? Why didn't you just crawl into bed with her ask a bedtime story? ’

I also can quote lines from the movie Emma, but that’s only because I love the book.

Name a film musical that you know all of the lyrics to all of the songs.
Sound of Music.

Name a film that you would recommend everyone see.
Zoolander, just because it’s sooo funny.

Ever walked out of a film?
No, I wouldn’t dare. But I have to admit that when me and a friend of mine where on vacation in Belgium and went to see the movie ‘Just My Luck’ we wanted to leave so badly. That was a no fun movie. Instead of leaving, we just saw the whole damn thing with no smiles upon our faces.
Name a film that made you cry in the cinema.

Yes, please. Sweet popcorn is my favorite!

How often do you go to the cinema (as opposed to renting them or watching them at home)?
I believe once a month, but when I have finals/tests I don’t go.

What’s the last film you saw in the cinema?
Okay, don’t laugh! Me and my best friend went to ‘Princess and the Frog’.
What’s your favourite/preferred genre of film?
Comedy all the way.

What’s the first film you remember seeing in the cinema?
Beauty and the Beast with my mother, sisters, aunt and older nieces. I remember it clearly that we had amazing seats and they had beautiful lights in the cinema.

What film do you wish you had never seen?
Another Princess story. BO-RING.

What is the scariest film you’ve seen?
Do I have to answer this question? Okay so I am going to tell you a secret, well it’s actually not a secret, I mean everybody who knows me knows this as well. I have two older sisters and one of them adores scary movies. Yes, horror is her favorite genre. So they where watching this movie called Chucky, indeed the doll with the scary red hair, and because I was way too little to see the movie I was upstairs playing. But I really wanted to see the movie too, so I asked if I could watch it with them. They said no problem. Big mistake and I still remind them of traumatizing me! I saw it, I cried, I hated it, I freaked out. I had nightmares for days and all my dolls that where in my room moved to a new house called the basement.
And one day I was sound a sleep and someone knocked on my door. I was still dreamy but still managed to say ‘who’s there’. The door opened and what did I saw, yeah you can guess it, a doll, a freaking doll standing there. I screamed so hard, my parents run to me and asked me what happened. My sister was laughing so hard, she almost wet herself. Love you sister!To this day I do not like dolls!

If you could be any character portrayed in a movie, who would it be?
Emma, only because I want to be the one who will marry Mr. Knightly.
Total number of films you own on DVD and video.
A lot. I’m so lazy that I don’t want to go out of this comfortable chair and count them.
Last film you bought.
The Cat Returns. I adore Hiroyuki Morita!

Last film you watched.
Sex and the City. It was on the telly.

Five films that mean a lot to you.

Have you ever watched a movie that was so funny, you just could not stop laughing. I loved this movie, Ben Stiller is the best! That scene alone where the Owen Wilson throws the computer screen at the floor, because he thinks the files are in there. Hilarious.

The Matrix
I watched this movie at the cinema with one my best friend at the time and the whole time we where watching each other like do you understand what’s happening, cause I don’t. We seriously did not get the movie. A few years later when we watched it again on DVD we where oh, okay, now we get it. We where probably too young to get it back then. I know, excuses, excuses.

Lethal Weapon (All of them)
On Friday nights Veronica (a sender here in Holland) showed the movies for a month long. My dad loved this movies so me and my sisters curled up on the couch beside him and watched the movies with him. I have fond memories of these movies and those nights.

Did you heard about the Morgans?
Me and my best friend watched this movie a while ago and we thought it was okay. During the movie my friend started to laugh at a certain point. She couldn’t stop laughing. I on the other hand thought nothing was funny and asked her what was funny. Of course with hand gestures, because it’s the cinema and you have to be quite. She says: did you see that baby on the wall? So ugly. And I started to laugh too, because yeah she was right. We couldn’t stop and I had to look the other way just to stop laughing. I think we bothered a lot of people that night. Sorry!

I just have to put it here: Twilight.
When the excursion to Utrecht ended me and my best friend went in a little lunchroom to eat something. She said: I don’t want to go home yet, shall we just pay a visit to the cinema. Me: Hell yeah! So we went and looked which movies where playing. She read Twilight and said it was good, so when she said she really wanted to go that movie, I told her that I never heard of it before, but I am willing to try it. We saw it, we loved it. The next day I ordered the first book and read it in one sitting. Again wonderful memories from this movie.

Five? I also have fond memories of some series, like Charmed and Zena the Warrior Princess. I used to watch them with my sisters, eat chips and have a love and hate relation with Cole, the demon. I can still remember the song of the show, I am the son, I am the heir, I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does. See I’ve already waited too long, and all my hope is gone….. LOL…. I miss them.

Juju at Tales of  – (26 mei 2010 om 06:09)  

The telly? I love that word.

Fun post :) You're right: Romola is that good.

YA Vampire Books  – (26 mei 2010 om 07:44)  

Fun!! I know, I can't understand people who go to the movies to see one movie multiply times! Weird.

Marce  – (26 mei 2010 om 08:01)  

Got to love Charmed :-)

I am laughing at the horror movies and dislike to dolls :-0 My experience somehow was good because I love horrors and started watching them to young also with my brothers. Children of the Corn was great.

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill)  – (26 mei 2010 om 09:50)  

AH, Titanic made cry too at the time. I remember seeing everyone coming out of the cinema with red eyes. And they were not vampires. :)

That was a fun post, it's nice to read about movies sometimes !

Melissa  – (26 mei 2010 om 09:59)  

NIce movie list and cute post. But for me... butter popcorn, all the way! :)

Darlyn  – (26 mei 2010 om 10:12)  

I love Zoolander!I love Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler the most!I love comedies and I never watch horror/scary movies!Haha..and I love this post! *wink2*

Shweta  – (26 mei 2010 om 11:05)  

Devil Wears Prada is one of my fav movies. Never went to compare it with the book. Read it as a separate entity detached from the movie :)

Loved the meme Nina:)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (26 mei 2010 om 14:18)  

I loooved the BBC remake of Emma too! So awesome!

Anoniem –   – (30 mei 2010 om 07:58)  

Yay! You did it. And I *love* your answers. I never really liked the Chucky films but clown dolls scare me to death. Haven't seen Zoolander in so long. <3



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