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This idea/meme came from Jenny at Wondrous Reads.

United States - The Netherlands

There are a lot of covers for this book, so I do hope I got the right US one. If not, please tell me, so I can change it.
I don't know what to think of the Dutch Cover, I mean what does the girl want to do before she dies. Really? I pretty much get the idea that it has to do something with a guy. LOL. I wished we could see their faces on the cover too, that would make the cover a lot better. The US cover is nice, but misses something. I also do not like the font they use for the title. I don't like both of the covers, so no country wins this time for me.

Here you can find the description of the book!

Would you pick the Dutch or US cover?

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill)  – (2 juni 2010 om 07:02)  

I like the US one better, although I agree that there's something missing, and the model's expression is kind of weird. But I like the colors and the atmosphere better than in the Dutch cover.

Christina/Book Addict  – (2 juni 2010 om 07:59)  

I like the US one better, but I agree that there is something missing. It just falls flat. The Dutch one is kind of fun, but I'm not sure that goes with the book's title. Hmm....

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (2 juni 2010 om 08:22)  

The US matches the title better but the Dutch one is more fun and more likely to catch my attention :)

Blodeuedd  – (2 juni 2010 om 08:55)  

The US one is so grey and boring, I do like the Dutch one cos of the colors

Shweta  – (2 juni 2010 om 09:18)  

Ya Nina , that is one of the things the girl wants to do. It's a cry fest but a very well written book .. I think even the US cover isn't doing justice to it.This cover is much better and kind of apt. http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/d/jenny-downham/before-i-die.htm

Miss Reith Jerevinan  – (2 juni 2010 om 09:49)  

aww.. I can't chooose..
both are nice!

Andrea  – (2 juni 2010 om 10:06)  

The US looks more serious so I guess it depends on what the book is about.

Melissa  – (2 juni 2010 om 10:26)  

I would pick the US cover, but I agree... neither do it for me. The US cover looks like she is freaking out and the Dutch one makes it look like that is all she wants to do! lol

Anoniem –   – (2 juni 2010 om 11:09)  

The Dutch cover is way too happy and upbeat. It's also the cover for Queen Geeks In Love which I think is more appropriate. That US cover is okay but I prefer this (http://i45.tinypic.com/2lav3wo.jpg) US cover which is the paperback version I believe.

vvb32 reads  – (2 juni 2010 om 12:29)  

yeah, huh? i like the b/w of the u.s. one.

Shy  – (3 juni 2010 om 03:29)  

I've to agree with you on this one. Neither covers do the story any justice, in my opinion. The book sounds rather nice though and I'd be thrilled if I get the chance to read it. Wonder if you've read it before?

Nina  – (3 juni 2010 om 07:31)  

Michelle : I like that cover too. There are so many UK covers, that I really do love. I haven;'t read the book but the one you put the link for really fits it better than the US one. :)

Shweta: I didn't know that. I haven't read the book, but now I know that there's a dutch translation for it, I may even find it at the library.

Shy: I haven't read it, but I really want to.

YA Vampire Books  – (8 juni 2010 om 03:08)  

Wow, the covers are soo different! Although none of them are perfect, they're both lacking something. Not a book I would pick up based on the covers!

Lauren  – (8 juni 2010 om 10:46)  

I one-hundred percent prefer the Dutch one. The US one does capture the mood of the book in a way, but in a completely different way so does the Dutch one. I have to confess, I've read most of this book but I chickened out of reading the end because it was getting too sad and my eyes kept tearing up.

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