I'm ba-ack!

I’m ba-ack! Yes, I survived a week in Gent with the students of my class. It was amazing and so much fun. Very much educational, I learned a lot about the history of Gent and took lot of wonderful photo’s that I can use in my classes.

The first day we arrived we had a lot of luck, because the weather was amazing. Not too hot, but also not too cold. We could go out without our jackets. Because The Netherlands was playing football on the telly, a lot of the students went to a square where a big screen was airing the game. Me and my best friend didn’t wanted to see it, so we went into the city. We sat outside on a terrace and had these amazing sandwiches with salmon. Our view was fantastic. FYI Holland won!

When the game was over,we all went for a walk with our teachers. They told us a lot about the city and we took a lot of pictures.
The next day we went to Brugge. We went with the train and it was as amazing as Gent. Here we got a walking tour with our teachers. Again lots of information. Me and my best friend went in the break to the tower and climb up 600 stairs. We made it, but I’m not going to tell you how. LOL. We also went into a few churches!

On the third day we went to a medieval castle in Gent. Medieval is my favourite subject to learn and read about. So I was really excited, when we went inside and looked around. Our guide was this female who knew a lot about the castle and she was telling with so much enthusiasm that time flew bye.

On Thursday we went to Ieper. This city was completely destroyed in World War I. The museum was great and left a big impression on all of the students. Here I bought a book about the War and a card with the famous poem on it. (Flanders Field)

And now we are back! The city was amazing and if you ever go to Belgium, you must see Gent. We have a few exams next week, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the internet. You can still enter my international contest till the 9th of July.

celi.a  – (19 juni 2010 om 08:09)  

Gorgeous photos! It sounds as though you had a great trip. I want to buy a plane ticket now... *grin*

Blueicegal ♥  – (19 juni 2010 om 09:00)  

wow sounds very inspiration looks like you had a lot of fun welcome back Nina! xD

MARIA GRAZIA  – (19 juni 2010 om 09:03)  

I love Gent, I've been there several times with my students, since we usually do class exchanges with a school in Aalst which is not far from there. My Belgian colleagues are friendly and generous and it's always great to be there. Gent is a lovely medieval city with a special charm thanks to its canals and all those young people, lots of flowers and historical sites. Good memories, indeed. Thanks for sharing, Nina.

....Petty Witter  – (19 juni 2010 om 09:16)  

So good to have you back and with such a great post, thanks for sharing all your adventures and those amazing photos - I think I can add Gent as yet another place I'd love to visit, it looks so full of history.

Darlyn  – (19 juni 2010 om 09:27)  

welcome back girl! i love all the pictures and it really wonderful to hear about history ;p

Daphne  – (19 juni 2010 om 10:20)  

It looks so pretty! I'm definately adding them to the list of places I want to go someday. If only I had lots of money and didn't have to work...

vvb32 reads  – (19 juni 2010 om 10:49)  

welcome ba-ack! thanks for sharing your photos. i'm always intrigued with castles. i want to visit one someday.

Melissa  – (19 juni 2010 om 11:04)  

Thanks for sharing your trip. Looks beautiful!

Good luck on the tests. Hope you ace them all! :)

Christina/Book Addict  – (19 juni 2010 om 11:23)  

Amazing photos! Welcome back! Gent looks amazing and so does that castle. Thanks for sharing them!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (19 juni 2010 om 11:47)  

What fun!
I love it!
Thank you for the amazing pictures :)

PS Missed you ;)

Anoniem –   – (19 juni 2010 om 12:45)  

Great pictures. I'm so jealous. :) And so glad you had an awesome time, hun.



Sarah  – (19 juni 2010 om 12:53)  

It sounds like you had an amazing time and learned a lot! Gent looks beautiful and I'd really like to travel there some day. In the mean time, good luck with your exams! :)

Addicted Book Reader  – (19 juni 2010 om 14:27)  

Oooh wow amazing, gorgeous pictures! You must have had a blast...glad you're back : D

Jenny N.  – (19 juni 2010 om 16:38)  

Your trip sure sounded fun and the views are amazing.

Shweta  – (19 juni 2010 om 21:25)  

Amazing pics!! Gent is a place I must put on my travel wishlist..

Myrna Foster  – (19 juni 2010 om 23:00)  

Thanks for sharing your photos!

Robby  – (20 juni 2010 om 07:05)  

BEAUTIFUL photos. Glad you're back! :]

Cleverly Inked  – (20 juni 2010 om 07:10)  

Amazing pictures..That food looks delish. SO glad you enjoyed your trip

YA Vampire Books  – (20 juni 2010 om 07:25)  

Beautiful pictures! IT sounds like you had a great time and great weather! :)

Sarah  – (21 juni 2010 om 16:25)  

Great pictures! It sounds and looks like you had a great trip :) Thanks for sharing them :)

Nina  – (22 juni 2010 om 03:50)  

You are all very welcome! And thank you for taking the time and read my post. :)

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