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Dear John

My best friend told me that this was going to be a bad romantic movie. A movie where the girl and the boy are so in love, but in the end can’t be with each other. She was so wrong about the movie. Yeah the ending was kind of lame, but the beginning and the middle was very nice. So it was not the best romantic movie ever and it didn’t quite made it in my top five, but it’s still nice to watch on a hot summer day. Just don’t buy it!

Remember Me
Edward Cullen in another movie. Got.to.watch. Wait, he’s not a vampire in this one. Back up! Maybe I should take the advice from my best friend to not watch this, but she was wrong about Dear John. So I watched it and she’s was wrong again! Gosh! The middle was okay, it was all very depressive, it made me moody. Not a fun movie. But the ending made me go” wow”. I never thought that it would end that way, so great job there.

If I had to choose between those two movies to watch again, it would be:
Just because of the ending...ahum...

Shy  – (3 juli 2010 om 04:37)  

Totally have to agree with you regarding to Remember Me. I didn't expect the end to be that way. And better yet, the actor's acting improved tremendously in this one. Very, very good!

Blueicegal ♥  – (3 juli 2010 om 04:50)  

man i really have to watch remember me it sounds wonderful im still contemplating weather to buy dear john or not

Nina  – (3 juli 2010 om 05:01)  

Blueicegal: I would rent it first and then see if you want to buy it. I wouldn't buy it, but that's just because it wasn't that great..exept for the ending. :)

Darlyn  – (3 juli 2010 om 05:58)  

Funny thing is, I dont even watch either of the movie!LOL.I like Dear John by book version though.Hope I can watch the movie too,soon ;p

Adriana  – (3 juli 2010 om 07:19)  

I really liked the book for Dear, John but the movie changed quite a bit and I was so disappointed with the ending. With Remember Me, the ending was so unexpected. Freaking movie made me cry, I hate that.

Blodeuedd  – (3 juli 2010 om 07:33)  

Haha I will take your advice and not buy, just watch

Lea (YA Book Queen)  – (3 juli 2010 om 08:10)  

Lol, I've been wondering about these two movies...I'll rent them instead of buying them :)

Becky  – (3 juli 2010 om 09:14)  

Oh I loved Dear John. I cried and everything. I haven't seen remember me but I will definitely borrow it from the DVD shop.

....Petty Witter  – (3 juli 2010 om 11:59)  

To be honest I'd only heard of Dear John - here in the UK they are advertising it as the must see film of the year.

No real desire to see either film, I especially don't want to see Remember Me.

miss cindy :)  – (3 juli 2010 om 17:09)  

I saw Dear John but didn't like it much because of the book. Remember Me? I heard of it, and will likely not watch it. Not a huge fan of RP.

Sarah  – (3 juli 2010 om 17:26)  

I haven't really been inclined to watch either but at least they seem to be okay, if not totally gush-worthy. Haha, Remember Me made you moody? And I'll have to keep an eye out on what the ending actually is whenever I watch it.

Lauren  – (3 juli 2010 om 18:11)  

I borrowed Remember Me from my local library this week and I thought it was decent, though I have to agree with you about the ending. I was so not expecting that. Dear John looks okay... I think I'll borrow sometime, but I don't particularly like Amanda Seyfried so that'll probably make me not to found of it regardless.

Nina  – (4 juli 2010 om 05:17)  

Adriana: It made me cry too...I was crying my eyes out. :)

....Petty Witter  – (5 juli 2010 om 01:23)  

Hi Nina, if you'd like to stop over at Pen and Paper there is an award with your name on it.

Gilliene  – (5 juli 2010 om 02:35)  

Haven't watched Dear John, but I've heard good stuff about it, still, hearing you say that the ending was lame kinda made me change my mind about buying it :)

R. Pat's Remember Me had this very unpredictable ending that made everything kinda... messy. But yeah, he redeemed himself, turns out he can also do some serious drama. :)

Great blog by the way!

Nina  – (5 juli 2010 om 02:53)  

Petty Witter: I'm going to stop by right now. :)

Giliene: Thank you for commenting and stopping by at my blog. Remember had a very unpredictable ending, I never thought it would end that way. It was the ending that made me cry and thought it was a nice movie afterall. :P Love to see Rob in other movies, see if he can truly act. I mean he did an okay job, but he didn't had to say much. :P

Cari  – (5 juli 2010 om 05:16)  

I loved Dear John so much!

Melissa  – (5 juli 2010 om 12:06)  

I know about the ending to Dear John, so I haven't wanted to see it, but I do want to see Remember Me. But, if you were crying... hmm...

Jamie  – (6 juli 2010 om 15:46)  

Loved Remember Me! Still need to see Dear John!

YA Vampire Books  – (9 juli 2010 om 15:42)  

Haven't watched any of these! Want to though!

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