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Hi everyone! Thank you for stopping by at my blog. This is the second time I'm participating in the blog hop, and I'm looking forward finding some new blogs. Thank you Crazy-for-Books for hosting this wonderful hop!

The question of today is:
Do you use a rating system for your reviews and if so, what is it and why?
Yes, I actually do use a rating system. It’s a great way for readers to immediately find out if I liked the book and how much I liked it. To find more about my rating system, just take a look at my right sidebar! It’s the one with the hearts.

What have I been Reading this week:
The Mermaid's Mirror by L.K. Madigan
The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

Marce  – (27 augustus 2010 om 06:22)  

I like Super duper WOW Nina.

Melissa  – (27 augustus 2010 om 07:37)  

You know me...I've been here forever haha

I use a rating system, but not as defined. I just do a general 1 to 5 star scale :)

Jenny  – (27 augustus 2010 om 07:39)  

Just popping in via the hop to say hi! I'm a new follower and it looks like we both enjoy some YA books:) Looking forward to more of your reviews, have a great weekend!

Brooke  – (27 augustus 2010 om 07:44)  

Just hoppin' by!!! Love the layout/colors of your blog!

~Brooke, Brooke's Box of Books

Lu  – (27 augustus 2010 om 11:11)  

Hopping in from the hop to say have a great Weekend!

Already a follower :)

When you have a moment come have a look at my new Giveaway :)


Black Disaster Fairy  – (27 augustus 2010 om 13:03)  

You have a nice simple rating. Love it.

Your wise old owl theme is super cute!

Black Disaster Fairy

anjohnston  – (27 augustus 2010 om 13:03)  

I'm just hopping back. Thanks so much for coming to look around my blog. I tend to fear people will think the worst of me (that I'm either a. a zombie or b. a robot) so I like to clear that up right away. ;)

I love your site. The theme is so adorable and we seem to have similar reading tastes. I'm your newest follower!

Have an awesome weekend!
Down The Rabbit Hole

kewkew  – (27 augustus 2010 om 13:11)  

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am now following you. I like your rating system, nice and simple- to the point.

danya  – (27 augustus 2010 om 17:37)  

Hi, stopping by on the hop and now following you! Hope you're enjoying The Dark Divine, I quite liked it :)

A Tapestry of Words

....Petty Witter  – (28 augustus 2010 om 04:33)  

Just stopping by to say hello. Glad that you are enjoying the hop, I've found some wonderful blogs and have 'met' some great bloggers.

Steph  – (28 augustus 2010 om 16:13)  

Hi, You reviews are interesting. I don't use a regular system - I only use one to make a point once in a while.
I am now following - hope you will come by: Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

The Book Bee  – (29 augustus 2010 om 02:39)  

Hi there, just stopping by from the hop and I like the look of your blog. Have a great Sunday!


Nina  – (29 augustus 2010 om 04:43)  

Hi all, thank you for stopping by! I'll do my best and stop by everyone of you and say thanks ;) I hope you had a nice weekend.

JL  – (29 augustus 2010 om 12:02)  

Hi! I'm a new follower stopping by for the Hop. Hope you will stop by my blog An Avid Reader's Musings.

LMW  – (29 augustus 2010 om 22:24)  

New follower hopping by to say hello! I adore happy endings too! :)Have a great day!

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