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Every Sunday or Saturday (depends on how I feel) I will show you the books that I bought, received or borrowed! This meme/idea is hosted by TheStorySiren.

The Books that I RECEIVED are:
- Lies by Michael Grant (Egmont Books, Harper Collins Publishers)
- Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner (Harlequin)
- Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

The Books that I BOUGHT are:
- Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad
- Before I fall by Lauren Oliver
- Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn
- Ever by Gail Carson Levine

Lies by Michael Grant
This is the third book in a series that I have heard of before, but not yet read. I looked the book up and there is even a Dutch Website for it. How fun. And I also saw that my library has the first two books in their possession, so Tuesday I am going to check them out. If they are still there, of course.

Thank you Egmont Books for sending me this awesome book.

Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad
After reading L.A. Candy I knew I had to continue this fun and light read. I just adore the cover!

Before I fall by Lauren Oliver
I think I probably am the last person on earth that have not read this book. I actually bought this one in London, but I could not find it last week. I am excited to find out if I will love it or just totally hate it. Please let it be the first.

Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn
Finally, I bought a historical novel and it takes place in Ancient Rome. I wanted to read this for a while now. It sounds heart breaking.

Ever by Gail Carson Levine
I heard so much about Gail Carson Levine books. Cute, lovely characters and magical. I cannot wait to start this one. I love fairytales.

Cass (Words on Paper)  – (22 augustus 2010 om 05:13)  

Very nice! You have some good reading ahead of you. :)

Lisa  – (22 augustus 2010 om 05:34)  

I'm liking Lies and Mistress of Rome.

here's mine

Christina/Book Addict  – (22 augustus 2010 om 06:11)  

Great books this week! Before I Fall was really good and I've had my eye on Ever. My students seem to love that book. I look forward to your reviews!

Lu  – (22 augustus 2010 om 06:40)  

I also have Before I Fall IMM!

I hope you enjoy your books! :D

booksploring  – (22 augustus 2010 om 06:55)  

Enjoy your books! I've heard good things about a number of these on other blogs!

Anoniem –   – (22 augustus 2010 om 06:59)  

I loved Before I Fall and hope you do as well. Enjoy! :D

Blueicegal ♥  – (22 augustus 2010 om 07:06)  
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asamum  – (22 augustus 2010 om 07:21)  

Terrific book week. Before I Fall is amazing, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :D

Blodeuedd  – (22 augustus 2010 om 07:24)  

I have heard great things about the Rome book, and I do LOVE historical fiction

Stefanie Emmy  – (22 augustus 2010 om 07:36)  

Hey :) Thanks for stoping by on my blog. :D

Gail Carson Levine writes wonderful stories. I read Ella Enchanted a few month ago and was really impressed by her story telling.

I've also heard great things about Before I Fall. :)

So, really great books you've got there :)

Corrine  – (22 augustus 2010 om 07:44)  

These all look really good! I hope you enjoy them! Happy reading. :)

Book Junkies  – (22 augustus 2010 om 07:51)  

Oh I really want to read Hunger by Jackie Kessler! Before I Fall also looks fantastic. Great IMM!!


Lea (YA Book Queen)  – (22 augustus 2010 om 07:52)  

Awesome books! Love Before I Fall and Gail Carson Levine's books :)

Happy reading!

Anoniem –   – (22 augustus 2010 om 08:15)  

Great books you've got there... And: Up to now I haven't read "Before I fall" either. So, you're not alone ;=)

About Gail Garson Levine: When I was younger I've read "Ella entchanted" and - as Stefanie Emmy - just loved it.

Happy reading! ;)

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books)  – (22 augustus 2010 om 08:20)  

OOOh how I love the LIES cover =)

Have fun!!

E.J. Stevens  – (22 augustus 2010 om 09:23)  

Great mailbox! Ever looks like a fun read. :) My IMM Birthday Edition is here.

From the Shadows

Melissa  – (22 augustus 2010 om 09:31)  

Ahhh such brilliant books! I can't wait to read all your reviews on these...especially Lies! :)


Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (22 augustus 2010 om 10:16)  

Can't wait to hear what you think of Lies! Haven't read it yet!

And I LOVED Before I Fall. Here's hoping you enjoy it as well! Have a great week! :)

Manga Maniac  – (22 augustus 2010 om 10:34)  

You got some awesome books!! You will love Before I Fall - read it first :)

Lillie (AliseOnLife)  – (22 augustus 2010 om 10:58)  

Great Mailbox this week! Enjoy your books and your week!

Alison  – (22 augustus 2010 om 12:08)  

You'll love Before I Fall. One of the best books of the year.
Alison Can Read

Jenny N.  – (22 augustus 2010 om 12:24)  

Nice mailbox, I've always wanted to read Sweet Little Lies so will look out for your review of it. Happy reading all your new books!

vvb32 reads  – (22 augustus 2010 om 14:19)  

Lies looks interesting. Nope, now i'm the last one to read Before I Fall ;-D

Alexia561  – (22 augustus 2010 om 16:55)  

Hope you love Before I Fall, as it's one of my favorite reads this year. Enjoy!

Anoniem –   – (23 augustus 2010 om 05:24)  

Nah, I haven't read Before I Fall either, it just sounds too depressing for right now, hehe. You've got lots of great books in your mailbox this week - Happy Reading! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Bella xx

PolishOutlander  – (23 augustus 2010 om 06:33)  

Ooooooo! I got Mistress of Rome a few weeks ago too. It definitely sounds like a good read. And I loved Before I Fall. I was so hesitant to read it because everyone liked it so much. What a great story. Happy reading!

Faye  – (23 augustus 2010 om 13:49)  

loved before i fall! hope u enjoy your books!

Ivana  – (25 augustus 2010 om 16:32)  

A great bunch of books you got there!
Yeah, Before I Fall was pretty amazing, I suggest you start it ASAP!

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