Zelah Green by Vanessa Curtis

Title: Zelah Green
Written by: Vanessa Curtis
Release date: July, 2010
Pages: 256
Source: Harper Collins UK, Egmont Books

My Feelings:

My Name is Zelah Green and I'm a cleanaholic. I spend most of my life running away from germs, dirt, and people. And I'm just about doing ok and then my stepmother packs me off to some kind of hospital to live with a load of strangers. It's stuck in the middle of nowhere. Great. There's Alice who's anorexic. Caro who cuts herself. Silent Sol who has the cutest smile. And then there's me.

My Review:
Zelah Green is a interesting book that gives you a inside story of a teenager who has to live with OCD. OCD stands for Obsessive (Compulsive) Cleaning Disorder. Zelah has to jump up and down on the stairs, has to scrub her face a certain amount of time and has other rituals that literally take over her life.

I felt sorry for Zelah and that she has to deal with the disorder and the fact that her dad isn’t around to help her. When she’s send to Forest Hill House, she learns these unique persons that has different troubles, but yet share the same path to recovery. Zelah has a strong voice and is really a typical teenager who wants to be loved.

Throughout the story we get to know Zelah better and the reason why she started with the rituals. Vanessa Curtis has done a wonderful job researching the disorder and how a teenager deals with it. The writing feels light, nothing too heavy. Therefore a lot of teenagers can read Zelah Green and get a more insightful look into a life that has to deal with OCD.

Anoniem –   – (9 augustus 2010 om 13:15)  

This book sounds really interesting. I don't think I've read anything with this kind of premise before. Nice review! :)

Briana  – (9 augustus 2010 om 14:30)  

Good review :) But doesn't OCD stand for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Melissa  – (9 augustus 2010 om 16:22)  

Maybe in this book... it's cleaning. :)

She'd die in my house. I have large dogs. ;) Nice review.

The Library Lurker  – (9 augustus 2010 om 19:07)  

I haven't heard much about this book. It looks really interesting though. Great review!

....Petty Witter  – (10 augustus 2010 om 03:24)  

Obsessive cleaning disorder? I really like the sound of this. A great review, thanks for the recommendation.

Becky  – (10 augustus 2010 om 04:10)  

This sounds like a really important book. I always admire authors who tackle issues like this. Great review.

Nina  – (10 augustus 2010 om 05:53)  

Briana: It does, but in the book they say it's Obsessive Cleaning Disorder! :)

Darlyn  – (10 augustus 2010 om 06:34)  

Obsessive Cleaning Disorder?Well, this must a great read! Nice review Nina!

Andrea  – (10 augustus 2010 om 07:18)  

Sounds like a good book, very poignant and sweet.

vvb32 reads  – (10 augustus 2010 om 08:13)  

interesting topic. and very inkeeping with today's generation of kids.

Jenny N.  – (10 augustus 2010 om 12:26)  

Didnt know too much about this book before but from your review it soundslike something I's like to read.

Anoniem –   – (11 augustus 2010 om 12:01)  

I haven't seen a lot of books about the subject of OCD. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to certain things so I'd like to check this out.



Justine  – (12 augustus 2010 om 14:36)  

Interesting. I've wanted to read this and get to know a little about OCD. Thanks for your review!

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