The Best American Comics 2010 by Neil Gaiman/Jessica Abel/Matt Madden

Title: The Best American Comics 2010
Written by: Different comic artists
Release date: October, 2010
Pages: 416
Source: Netgalley, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

My Feelings:

The Best American Comics showcases the work of both established and up-and-coming contributors. Editor Neil Gaiman—one of the top writers in modern comics and the award-winning author of novels and children’s books—has culled the best stories from graphic novels, pamphlet comics, newspapers, magazines, mini-comics, and the Internet to create this cutting-edge collection.

My Review:
The Best American Comics was way out of my comfort zone. I have tried a comic book a long time ago and I did find it fascinating and wonderful to read. I thought this comic book would contain some comic stories, but the main focus was on the pictures. Therefore it felt more like an art book.

And some people love art and some people just don’t. But what is art?
I will explain this by giving you an example. A teacher at college once asked us, what is art? Is it a painting, a drawing, a sculpture? Do you have to feel something, an emotion when you look at it or are touching it? People define art differently. Then he said, I once went to a museum of modern art. There was this photo with a bed on it. Around the bed where clothes, a teddy bear, a bunch of books, basically it looked like a messy bedroom. People said it was art. But is it art? On a Sunday morning when I don’t feel like making up my bed and it looks the same as the picture, is it art?

I don’t have the answer to that question, but I do think that the pictures that are in the comic book are art. They are lively, beautiful and very colourful. Even with no words to describe what it is and what it means it will make you think about it. So yes I am one of those people who love art and this book was wonderful.

Then why give it three hearts? Because I missed the comics. I wanted to read something and delve into it. This is not that kind of comic book that I thought it would be. And even though the pictures where beautiful, I wanted it to be a comic book and not an art book.

Melissa  – (2 september 2010 om 09:33)  

I'm sorry to hear this wasn't what you had hoped it would be. I'm quite partial to comics, and I probably would have been disappointed, as well. Either way, nice and insightful review! :)

sRy_  – (2 september 2010 om 09:49)  

pity :(
Can you say us which are your favorites comic books please? :)

Nina  – (2 september 2010 om 10:14)  

sRy_ : I have not read a lot of comics, and therefore I cannot really mention my favourite one. I liked reading Historical comic/Christopher Columbus. I did read that one in Dutch. And I did like 'Niets Meer Aan Doen', Nothing to do about it, but again Dutch! ;)

sRy_  – (2 september 2010 om 10:21)  

thanks for answer :). I've not read anything Dutch (Fokke in Sukkar, Sigmund, the cat Heinz..), sorry, but maybe someday! :)

Shy  – (2 september 2010 om 10:24)  

I don't think comics or graphical novels are something for me. For some reasons, I find it rather not satisfying. I'm sorry that this didn't work out for you though. Hopefully, the other books you try will be even better than this!

Nina  – (2 september 2010 om 11:13)  

sRy: You are very welcome!

Shy: Thank you. I really want to read some other comic books and indeed hopefully they are better.

Blodeuedd: I kind of agree. ;)

Melissa  – (2 september 2010 om 11:21)  

Well, I do love art, so your review was perfect for me! It makes me want to pick it up and yet I know what to expect.

Ah, that question about "What is Art?" is as old as art itself. :)

Nina  – (2 september 2010 om 11:26)  

Melissa: I agree! It's really old and everybody has a different opinion about it. If you pick this one up, I hope you will enjoy it. ;)

Cleverly Inked  – (2 september 2010 om 17:47)  

Not my type of read but awesome you gave it a shot.

Lily Child  – (2 september 2010 om 22:27)  

Thanks for the honest and thought-provoking review. :)

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