Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner

Title: Carrie Pilby
Written by: Caren Lissner
Release date: June, 2003, re-released July 1, 2010
Pages: 336
Source: Netgalley, Harlequin

My Feelings:

Carrie Pilby doesn't fit in -- and she's pretty much given up trying. A year out of college and settling in to life in the big city, this nineteen-year-old genius believes everyone she meets is immoral, sex obsessed and hypocritical, and the only person she sees on a regular basis is her therapist. When he comes up with a five-point plan to help her discover the "positive aspects of social interaction," Carrie, who would rather stay home in bed, is forced to view the world in a new light.
See life through Carrie's eyes as she opens up to unusual characters, gets herself into compromising situations and casts her keen eye on the ways people interact. Filled with wry humor and insight, Carrie Pilby explores the trade-offs we all make to fit in.

My Review:
Carrie Pilby has become officially one of my favourite books of 2010. I adored the character and the story kept me hooked to the pages from beginning till the end.

Carrie is a 19 year old teenager who is very intelligent. She doesn’t understands the world completely and in her eyes the world doesn’t completely understands her. She lives in an apartment in New York City, and daddy is paying everything for her. She got no motivation whatsoever to find a job and one of her favourite things to do is sleep. Even with this description that sounds like she is a total brat, I loved this character. She’s also very sarcastic, socially awkward, but just so cool.

Her therapist is another great character in this book. He felt like a honest man who wanted to help his friend daughter with her social skills. Even though she feels like she doesn’t really need him, I felt that without him she would be a lost puppy. I mean to whom could she talk too and tell all her weird thoughts.

The next best thing was that the writing flows easily and that a lot, well almost everything is relatable to everyday life. The problems that Carrie has are problems that not only a teenager but also an adult could have. And with the humor and the natural flow it does not feel like a heavy read.

And talk about cover love! I love this cover, it’s adorable and it truly stands out. I don’t think the girl is really Carrie, because she would never wear such a cute girly dress. But that’s not that important.

Carrie Pilby is a wonderful coming of age novel about a 19 year old girl who has to learn that being smart does not means your immediately are on top of the world. Carrie Pilby has everything I look for, great characters, originality and a plot that keeps you turning pages.

celi.a  – (9 september 2010 om 11:22)  

Oh! I'm really glad that this was one of your favorite books. I've just bought it myself, and have been hoping that it would be amazing. Yay!

Blodeuedd  – (9 september 2010 om 12:14)  

The book sounds great, and I like the way you describe her

AddledWriter  – (9 september 2010 om 12:17)  

Thank you for the great review! Glad you liked it!!

Melissa  – (9 september 2010 om 12:26)  

Brilliant review! This sounds fun and sweet :)

Juju at Tales of  – (9 september 2010 om 13:21)  

Fantastic review. I love it! This sounds so cute.

Jenny N.  – (9 september 2010 om 16:39)  

I've seen this on Netgalley and want to read this one now. But first have to get through some review books.

brizmus  – (10 september 2010 om 15:37)  

oddly enough, she sounds like a character I would absolutely adore, what with her love of sleep and lack of desire to find a job. Reminds me of myself!
This book sounds amazing!

Cari  – (11 september 2010 om 08:21)  

Sounds like such a fun read! Thanks for the review :)

Lauren  – (11 september 2010 om 10:34)  

I haven't heard of this before, but it sounds lovely! I really like a good coming of age novel, and I think this one would appeal to me a lot. Thanks for the fab review.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (12 september 2010 om 09:25)  

wow! sounds like this one is a keeper!! i've had my eye on it, thanks for the great review!

Randi M  – (8 augustus 2012 om 22:47)  

I haven't heard of this book before, so I'm really glad you listed this review on your Top Ten Get-to-know-you posts list! I'm definitely going to check it out. :) Great review!

Rissi  – (18 december 2017 om 21:35)  

Discovered the movie this year, but haven't read the book. Perhaps in 2018 I will. :)

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