The Last Full Measure by Ann Rinaldi

Title: The Last Full Measure
Written by: Ann Rinaldi
Release date: November, 2010
Pages: 224
Source: Netgalley, Harcourt Children's Books

My Feelings:

As Confederate and Union soldiers take over their town, the local residents can do little more than hunker down in their homes while cannon and gunfire explode around them. But the battles are not only fought between soldiers. At home, fourteen-year-old Tacy and her disabled brother lock horns as David struggles with his desire to go to war. He has strong principles, and it tortures him to allow others to fight while he does nothing.

In the aftermath of this great and terrible battle, in which so many soldiers sacrifice their lives for their beliefs, David gives his last full measure…and leaves Tacy struggling to make sense out of it all.

My Review:
The Last Full Measure is a perfect historical fiction that I enjoyed reading very much.

The story is told trough Tacy, a 14 year old girl who is angry, scared and confused.
She was a great narrator and I was not an outsider to the story, but it felt like I was right beside her living her live in Gettysburg. Her bond with her older brother David was really good and I really liked him a lot. He was protective, angry and sad. Even with his bad moods I could feel that he loved her a lot and only wanted the best for her.

The story is really about family and their daily struggles with each other and with live.
As a reader I only got to see a glimpse of the battle and got more insight information about how scary it was for Tacy and her family to hide and hear the fight.

The author has done an amazing job with her research. And I really enjoyed reading the last few pages where she let the readers know how she did her research. The way she included people who actually lived back then made the story more real to me.

If you like reading historical fiction, stories about Gettysburg or just a good quick read, I would recommend this. For me it was perfect and I am looking forward reading more books written by Ann Rinaldi.

Melissa  – (22 september 2010 om 11:42)  

Great review! I read this one a while back, and while I love Ann Rinaldi's work, I had hoped this would be a bit stronger - like Time Enough for Drums, or The Last Silk Dress. I definitely enjoyed the writing style though. :)

La Coccinelle  – (22 september 2010 om 12:16)  

Thanks for the review! This sounds like a good book.

Shantal  – (22 september 2010 om 12:45)  

I must get this book! It sounds so good. Thanks for the review !! :)

Blodeuedd  – (22 september 2010 om 12:46)  

Nice review. I do like quick reads, not to mention historicals, and I have read so few books about the civil war

Melissa  – (22 september 2010 om 12:53)  

This might have been something I passed, but I will consider it now. Thanks for the review. I might be in the mood for a historical. :)

Juju at Tales of  – (22 september 2010 om 13:28)  

O I do. Sounds good. Thanks for the review sweetie :)

Jenny N.  – (22 september 2010 om 16:24)  

Nice review, I do enjoy historical fiction so will add this to my TBR list.

Sarah  – (22 september 2010 om 18:06)  

This looks like the perfect book for me! :) I love historical fiction novels and this one sounds great. It's good to hear that the author has done her research well. Thanks for the review! :)

....Petty Witter  – (23 september 2010 om 05:46)  

Not only a historical novel but it also has a character called Tracy - what's not to like? Thanks for recommending this, I'm hoping our library can get hold of a copy.

Shy  – (23 september 2010 om 06:50)  

This surely sounds like an incredible read. I've never really come across a historical book that solely about family struggles so this really pique my interest. Perhaps I should go and request this one on Netgalley too!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (24 september 2010 om 13:56)  

i love her historicals, they are always so good!

Darlyn  – (25 september 2010 om 06:10)  

Love the review and I think I will love it as well. Thanks for sharing Nina!

ComaCalm  – (18 november 2010 om 04:39)  

I also love it when Authors add real historical characters to their novels, it makes it feel more real to me. You might want to check out 'The Betrayal of Maggie Blair' (assuming you haven't read it already), that has real people in it too. :)

Ladybug  – (28 maart 2011 om 09:01)  

We've written almost exactly the same about the author's note in this book :) I also thought it was great that real people were included. It is as if they're allowed to come to life years after they passed away.

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