Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

Title: Sweet Little Lies
Written by: Lauren Conrad
Release date: February 2010
Pages: 309
Source: Bought
Part of: Read A Series Challenge

My Feelings:

As the star of MTV’s #1 reality show The Hills, Lauren Conrad has captivated millions of viewers. In her second novel, Sweet Little Lies, Lauren’s main character is faced with a reality much like the author’s: Now a full-fledged celebrity, Jane Roberts is discovering that with fame comes perks—and problems. From racy photos of her leaking to the press, to a falling out with her best friend, nothing about the celebrity life feels very sweet anymore.

Full of dishy details about young Hollywood that only an insider can reveal, Sweet Little Lies is the story of an ordinary girl leading an extraordinary life.

My Review:
After reading L.A. Candy I knew I had to continue this series, and I’m glad I bought the second book. Sweet Little Lies is a light hearted, fluffy read that’s full with drama, backstabbing friends and lots of lies. Just what a girl is looking for on a Sunday morning.

Jane Roberts rubbed me the wrong way. In the first book I really liked this character, but now she has changed into a self absorbed rich girl. I did not like the way she treated Scarlett and the way she handled the situations in her life. The only thing she was good at was talking about her own problems and trust the wrong people.

Scarlet, in the beginning I did not like her either. Instead of living her own life, she was too caught up in the drama and whining about that she lost her best friend. Get over it, Scarlett, she’s not worth it. Finally after a couple of chapters she lighten up and I started to like her again.

Even though with two characters that got on my nerves, the plot was as you can expect full with ups and downs. I love books that are filled with drama, and this one got it all. The drama is very entertaining and if a movie was made out of this, I would watch!

By the way, is everybody in Los Angeles using the word sweetheart? It really got irritating after the numerous time a character used it.

....Petty Witter  – (16 september 2010 om 06:09)  

Love the cover but don't have any desire to read the book after having read some of book 1 and not really enjoying it.

Melissa  – (16 september 2010 om 07:36)  

Brilliant review. I doubt I will start this series, simply because it's Lauren Conrad's, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the first one, at least :)

Andrea  – (16 september 2010 om 07:56)  

Glad you liked it. I could never get into it.

Blodeuedd  – (16 september 2010 om 08:14)  

Nice review, can't say I am a big Hills fan..have like watched 5 min ;)
But at least it seems she can write

Marce  – (16 september 2010 om 09:12)  

I have considered this series, I like a little drama at times to read.

It is hard to read a book when you just don't like the characters though, glad that changed for you.

Good review.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (16 september 2010 om 14:36)  

Great review.

I'm totally guilty of words like sweetheart, darling, and such.

Jenny N.  – (16 september 2010 om 15:24)  

Nice review. Haven't started this series yet and don't know if I ever will.

Cari  – (17 september 2010 om 06:34)  

I need to get this! I really enjoyed LA Candy but haven't gotten around to this book. With your review its fresh on my mind again. Thanks!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (17 september 2010 om 08:21)  

Thanks for the great review! I read the first book, but didn't really like it so I'm not going to read the rest of the series, but I'm glad to be able to read what it's like from your review :) I liked scarlet better than jane in the first book.

YA Vampire Books  – (17 september 2010 om 11:34)  

still haveto read this one! Nice review!

Melissa  – (17 september 2010 om 13:37)  

I'm not sure if this would be a book for me, but glad you liked it. I also appreciate the balanced review!

Kelsey  – (17 september 2010 om 16:31)  

I have the first book in this series and am really looking forward to reading it. Nice review :)

Jazz R.J.  – (17 september 2010 om 22:50)  

Hey sweetie. Just returning your hello. This was a good review. I liked how you expressed your feelings on the book. Sounds like they were kind of mixed. See you later. Keep it shiny!

Kris (Voracious YAppetite)  – (18 september 2010 om 22:33)  

Lol! Well I live in LA and I haven't noticed people saying "sweetheart." Maybe Lauren was just trying to make the characters seem condescending to each other by using that term a lot. Or maybe people in her circle of friends do it? Sometimes it boggles me what authors use for slang/frequently used terms in books. Beyond that, I've been curious to read Lauren's books, but I'm afraid I'll find them too dull. At least there's lots of drama... :)

Jessica Lawlor  – (25 september 2010 om 21:18)  

I loved the first book in this series, but this one didn't draw me in as much, unfortunately! I am looking forward to the third one though...I'm hoping it will wrap the series up nicely!

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