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I bought a copy of Teen Vogue last week and when I was in the train reading it I saw two advertisements of ya books. I buy Teen Vogue almost every other month and they never posted something like that before. It normally is always advertisements for clothes or make up. But this time they made a change, I love it.

Here are pictures from the magazine:

Melissa  – (21 september 2010 om 08:49)  

That's so awesome! It's about time they advertise such good books! :)

Padfoot and Prongs - Good Books Inc.  – (21 september 2010 om 09:27)  

Woot Teen Vogue. They did one of my absolute favorite spreads of all time with Emma Watson quite a few years ago during HP madness. http://kixvix.blogspot.com/2009/06/emma-watson-on-teen-vogue.html Sometimes they surprise me with their excellence!

Melissa  – (21 september 2010 om 11:41)  

I've also seen book promos on the tele lately. I think it's great!

Ladybug  – (21 september 2010 om 12:02)  

That's awesome, perhaps a reluctant reader will pick up one of these titles due to these advertisements.

Jenny N.  – (21 september 2010 om 16:19)  

Cool! I don't read too many magazines but thanks for sharing.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (21 september 2010 om 16:23)  

that's cool!! i want to read those books too :)

Jane  – (21 september 2010 om 16:53)  

I love seeing YA ads in magazine... it makes me feel like they're trying to reach a wider audience, and that definitely is something to be happy about!


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