Me, the Missing and the Death by Jenny Valentine

Title: Me, the Missing and the Death
Written by: Jenny Valentine
Release date: April, 2008
Pages: 208
Source: Library
Part of: Helluva Halloween 2010, All Hallows Eve

My Feelings:

Me: Lucas Swain—I'm nearly sixteen years old and live in London. I was fairly normal until the night I found Violet. Then everything changed.
The Missing: Dad. He disappeared five years ago. Nobody knows what happened to him, and nobody cares except me. It's enough to drive you crazy.
The Dead: That's Violet . . . in the urn. Speaking of crazy—I know she's trying to tell me something, and I think it's about my father. . . .
A dead lady may not be much to go on, but my dad's out there somewhere, and it's up to me to find out where

My Review:
This has been a book on my tbr list for a while now and therefore I decided to borrow it at the library. I thought it would be a good mystery story with an unique twist. I’m sorry to let you know, that this was not my cup of tea. And I really like tea!

The thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t get to know Lucas character at all. I know he is 16, likes to make lists, has a older sister, a younger brother and a mother who wishes she could rewind time. He also misses his father a lot and wearing his clothes keeps the memory of him alive. And that’s basically it. And that’s seriously not enough. I wanted to know more about him and I would have liked to see more character development.

In the first couple of chapters nothing really happens. The story picks up when he finally learns more about Violet, but then it slows down again. The whole thing didn’t get my attention and I have to be honest I skipped a few chapters.

However, I really enjoyed reading about Phlox, Lucas grandmother. She is funny and immediately believed Lucas when he told her about Violet. She is a great grandmother to Lucas.

The mystery behind his fathers disappearing and the link between Violet and him are the things that kept me reading. It could have been better with some suspense and some side twists. But all in all I was certainly entertained for half of the time.

Me, the Missing and the Death is a book about discovering the truth about Lucas father and growing to understand what it means. If you want to give this book a try, I would say borrow it at the library.

Anoniem –   – (4 oktober 2010 om 10:03)  

Sorry this book didn't meet your expectations. Sometimes that happens, but it's very disappointing when it was a book you were looking forward to.

Nina  – (4 oktober 2010 om 10:24)  

The Paperback Princess: I really had high hopes for this book, and I would have enjoyed it more if there was just some sparks. :)

Faye  – (4 oktober 2010 om 10:52)  

Never heard of this one. It doesn't sound like my kind of read-i might read this.

Andrea  – (4 oktober 2010 om 11:39)  

Maybe not my cup of tea. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

Blodeuedd  – (4 oktober 2010 om 12:48)  

Nice honest review, some books are just more library books.

Melissa  – (4 oktober 2010 om 13:23)  

I hate when books let you down...thanks for the honest review because it sounds like something I would go for :)

Juju at Tales of  – (4 oktober 2010 om 13:45)  

I always end up loving the grandmothers :)

Lea (YA Book Queen)  – (4 oktober 2010 om 13:46)  

That's such a bummer that it didn't live up to your expectations, but great honest review :)

Melissa  – (4 oktober 2010 om 14:59)  

Aw... sorry this book just didn't live up to what you thought it could become. Thanks for the great review anyway!

....Petty Witter  – (5 oktober 2010 om 04:58)  

I was fairly normal until I met Violet - what an amazing sentence.

Still unable to access the video you mentioned on my blog but I'll keep trying.

Cleverly Inked  – (5 oktober 2010 om 07:21)  

Hmm, I am not so sure bout this one. Honest reviews are the best reviews :)

Lily Child  – (6 oktober 2010 om 06:10)  

What a bummer! This book has a good premise! Sorry it didn't follow through! Thanks for your honest review! :)

Misty  – (7 oktober 2010 om 15:59)  

I've seen this around but it's never really called to me. Guess that's a good thing, since it apparently doesn't meet expectations.
Nice review!

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