Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder

Title: Inside Out
Written by: Maria V. Snyder
Release date: April, 2010
Pages: 320
Source: Bought

My Feelings:

Keep Your Head Down.
Don't Get Noticed.
Or Else.

I'm Trella. I'm a scrub. A nobody. One of thousands who work the lower levels, keeping Inside clean for the Uppers. I've got one friend, do my job and try to avoid the Pop Cops. So what if I occasionally use the pipes to sneak around the Upper levels? The only neck at risk is my own…until I accidentally start a rebellion and become the go-to girl to lead a revolution.

My Review:
Is this Teen Dystopian at it’s best? I might say full mouthy YES. Okay, so I have to admit that I have not read a lot in this genre, but let me tell you this was good.

Trella is a young girl who is very much a loner, stubborn, sarcastic and determined to find a way out of “the Inside”. I liked Trella. I liked that she didn’t let anyone fool her and that she stayed focused on her task.

Trella is not the only character I enjoyed reading about, I also really liked Riley. He is way too sweet and so caring about Trella. Just the guy she needs.

Reading about Trella scoping around in the cubicles made me dizzy. I also could not see a clear picture of it in my mind. It was too mathematic and that was not my best subject at high school.

The story has a lot of moments where you want to scream at Trella for being so reckless. There was suspense, action and drama involved. I had something different in mind about the outside world and when I found out about what it was, it really made me nauseas. I was dying for some fresh air at that moment.

The ending of the story was unexpected. I thought it would be different. And that’s why I liked the story so much.

Inside Out is a story that is surprising, intriguing and original. A must read for dystopian fans or for any lovers of unique, suspenseful stories.

Ladybug  – (14 november 2010 om 10:28)  

Wonderful review, Nina. I need to read Maria V. Snyder's books and Inside Out seems like a great place to start :)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (14 november 2010 om 11:35)  

I've heard such good things about this book. Another great review! I hadn't heard much about the dystopian aspect of the book and that intrigues me even more!

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫  – (14 november 2010 om 12:06)  

Great review!!=) I really want to read this book and this author!!!

Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (14 november 2010 om 12:27)  

I've never actually read Maria V. Snyder, but I've heard so many awesome things about this book and her Poison Study series. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love dystopian, so I'm definitely going to give this one a shot.

Blodeuedd  – (14 november 2010 om 12:44)  

Good to know cos I love dystopian YA!

Melissa  – (14 november 2010 om 13:14)  

Awesome review! I love the sound of this one, and I'm definitely adding it to my TBR pile! :)

Justine  – (14 november 2010 om 14:19)  

Well, I love Maria V. Snyder, I also love dystopian novels, and your review has made me super excited. So the only question is -- why haven't I read this yet?! I must! Thanks for your review ;)

Kelsey  – (14 november 2010 om 15:01)  

Wow this sounds awesome! Great review- this is up soon in my TBR!

miss cindy :)  – (15 november 2010 om 08:54)  

Great review! This sounds awesome :)

YA Vampire Books  – (15 november 2010 om 09:34)  

Sounds like a book full of surprises! This is generally not my genre, but if I find this book at the library, I'll give it a shot!

Juju at Tales of  – (15 november 2010 om 15:04)  

Surprising, good, and 5 stars? WOW! Why haven't I read this?

Faye  – (15 november 2010 om 17:10)  

I've seen sum mixed reviews but i'll give this one another shoot. Great review!

Cari  – (15 november 2010 om 21:41)  

Wow dystopia is popping up every where! I need to keep a lookout for this book. Thanks for the recommendation!

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