Nola’s Worlds, Changing Moon

Title: Changing Moon (Nola’s Worlds)
Written by: Mathieu Mariolle
Release date: November, 2010
Pages: 136
Source: Netgalley, Lerner Publishing Group

My Feelings:

In Alta Donna, the weather is great, the sunsets are super, and the stars twinkle brightly. Perfect, right? No! It's super boring. Nothing real ever happens. Everybody says I spend too much time daydreaming in my own little world. At least my dreams are more interesting than Alta Donna. But what if Alta Donna is hiding a secret? The two new kids in town are up to something. No one could be as good a baseball player as Damiano, and no one could be as charming as Inés. The moment they arrived, life in Alta Donna stopped being perfect and started getting weird. Who are they really?
I always say, if you need a puzzle solved, look for someone with a BIG imagination. And that's me. Nola.

My Review:
Absolutely adoring this cover. If I saw this at the bookstore, it would come home with me. It’s just too cute and it looks very entertaining. And let me tell you it was!

Nola is a fun character She has a great imagination and a best friend called Pumpkin. How awesome is that name? Nora makes these comments that are just pretty funny, and they make the story more fun to read. She also has this vivid imagination and takes action immediately.

The plot is fun and has a mystery feel to it. We don’t get the answers of who Damiano and his sister Ines are, but we do get a hint and then it’s pretty obvious. But you never know for sure until the second book.

A lot of younger readers will adore this story. The illustrations that are done by Pop are so colourful and so detailed. I like it. Scrap that, I adore it. It looks like a candy store.

What I also really liked is that at the last pages of this book there is “The Behinds the Scenes”. That is so cool. It’s a sort of introduction to the people who made Nola’s Worlds.

Changing Moon is an excellent book to begin a series and I am looking forward reading number 2.

Juju at Tales of  – (19 november 2010 om 08:46)  

This sounds like so much fun. I love mysteries and adore cover where the gal has pink hair.

Melissa  – (19 november 2010 om 08:50)  

This sounds so cute, Nina! You always point out books I haven't heard of! Thanks for another great review :)

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