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This idea/meme came from Jenny at Wondrous Reads.

The Netherlands - The United States

I would love to see the faces of the girls. I don't care much for the backs. But I will say that I like the cover of the Dutch one much better. The cover of the US looks so cold, the Dutch one very warm. Like the girl is in the woods at summertime. This time I will choose the Dutch cover. But I have to say that the US cover does the story more justice.

Here you can find the description of the book!

Would you pick the Dutch or US cover?

Jessica (BookLover)  – (1 december 2010 om 09:16)  

I haven't read this book so, based on the cover alone, I would say the Dutch cover. The US cover looks really opaque.

Melissa  – (1 december 2010 om 09:25)  

Dutch cover...the colours are more alive, and the US one looks too washed out haha :)

Nina  – (1 december 2010 om 10:03)  

Melissa: Yeah, that's the word! :) lol.

Christina/Book Addict  – (1 december 2010 om 10:58)  

I loved this book! I would say the US cover is better, but I like how the Dutch cover is warmer...you are right!

Blodeuedd  – (1 december 2010 om 11:14)  

Considering what the book is about the US fits better, the Dutch is too warm

La Coccinelle  – (1 december 2010 om 13:30)  

The US one is duller and colder... but from what I've heard about the story, that might not be such a bad thing.

Anoniem –   – (1 december 2010 om 13:45)  

I prefer the Dutch cover MUCH more!

Andrea  – (1 december 2010 om 14:16)  

I like the Dutch cover too.

Jenny N.  – (1 december 2010 om 16:02)  

I like the use of light ing in the Dutch one so my say is the Dutch one too.

Kelsey  – (1 december 2010 om 17:35)  

I like the light of the Dutch cover, but I think the US one suits the book more since it's an intense read.

YA Vampire Books  – (5 december 2010 om 13:47)  

They're similar, but the colors on the Dutch cover are warmer and nicer - so I pick that one!

Nina  – (6 december 2010 om 11:27)  

Thank you all for commenting! I love hearing your thoughts about these Dutch covers. ;)

Aik  – (18 december 2010 om 21:12)  

I love the colour of The Netherlands version, but I also love the girl's braid of The United States version. Both of them are equally good.

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