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Every Sunday or Saturday (depends on how I feel) I will show you the books that I bought, received or borrowed! This meme/idea is hosted by TheStorySiren.

The Books that I BOUGTH are:
You Wish by Mandy Hubbard: I love this cover. It's so pink and so cute. I hope the story is as fun as the cover.

Personal Demons by Lisa Desroches: This story sound so interesting. A story about good versus evil. You got to love that!

When Rose Wakes by Christopher Golden: I'm really curious how this story is going to be. I love fairy tales, so my hopes are pretty high. I adore this cover, it's so pretty. The girl looks like Rose in Charmed!

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake: My mother always tells me that if I have to wait for someone to arrive at the trainstation do not go into a bookstore. She says it's the same as being hungry and going to a supermarket! I totally agree with her, but this time I couldn't help it. I had to wait for my friend to arrive and I just wanted to look at some new books. I saw The Postmistress, read the back and thought why not. I ADORE this cover, it's stunning!

The Books that I BORROWED are:
*Angela by Daniel Pecqueur, Olivier Vatine & Hugo & Iris: Hugo’s marriage by Yslaire & Green Manor, Tome 3 :
Fantaisies meurtrières: Thursday I went to the library and I never ever looked into the comic section. I really wanted something fun and quick to read. Something that I could reading during my breaks from studying. These three catched my eye and I thought why not give it a shot. I read these graphic novels on Friday and Saturday, so my review will be up tomorrow.

*The above books are borrowed at the library.

Christina/Book Addict  – (16 januari 2011 om 04:50)  

Great mailbox this week! I am looking forward to your review of When Rose Wakes- definitely interested in that one. I also thought Personal Demons was pretty entertaining. Enjoy all your books!

Blodeuedd  – (16 januari 2011 om 04:59)  

Lol, I would have gone in and see what they had too ;)

Good week for you, I do like that Post cover

Amber Griffiths  – (16 januari 2011 om 05:00)  

Great books! I really want to get Personal Demons, I hope you enjoy it - and the rest of your books!

Have a great week.

Anoniem –   – (16 januari 2011 om 05:37)  

I've heard good things about Personal Demons. I haven't read it myself, but I know a lot of people like it.

Mia  – (16 januari 2011 om 05:38)  

I agree the cover of The Postmistress is just gorgeous! Happy Reading, Nina!

Christina T  – (16 januari 2011 om 05:48)  

I like what your mom said-it's absolutely true! When I go into a bookstore I pretty much have to be dragged out and I usually do not leave without buying something first.

These are great books! I do love the cover of The Postmistress. I haven't read it yet but need to do so. Wish looks really cute. I read Prada & Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard and thought it was a fun story. I hope you enjoy all of these!

Briana  – (16 januari 2011 om 06:15)  

You Wish sounds so cute! It kind of sounds like this one movie I watched on the Disney channel :P

Anoniem –   – (16 januari 2011 om 06:30)  

I really want to read When Rose Wakes and You Wish. They both sound like great reads.
Hope you enjoy! :D

Momo (Books Over Boys)  – (16 januari 2011 om 06:46)  

Great IMM! OMG! You got Personal Demons?! You soooo have to read that one first - before all of them! I'm just sayin!

Enjoy your books and happy reading! :)

Aisle B  – (16 januari 2011 om 07:52)  

I like the cupcake book You Wish's cover.

Is the Postmistress the one I've heard about everywhere?? Is this a UK cover??

enjoy the reads. Amuse toi biens :)

Small Review  – (16 januari 2011 om 07:58)  

Oh yes, that cover for The Postmistress is beautiful. I'm curious now about the book. Thanks!

Jenny N.  – (16 januari 2011 om 09:44)  

The cover for Postmistress is gorgeous. I understand why you bought it. I ended up getting Personal Demons this week too. Happy reading!

Alexia561  – (16 januari 2011 om 09:52)  

I couldn't resist Personal Demons either! Enjoy!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (16 januari 2011 om 10:55)  

Hey! I bought a book AFTER I met with my friends at an airport. So, I was good, right? :)

Great books I want to read Personal Demons! :D

ajmitchell  – (16 januari 2011 om 11:02)  

I'm interested to read your thoughts on You Wish. I've heard good thing but never got around to reading it. Hope you enjoy all your books this week!

The Slowest Bookworm  – (16 januari 2011 om 11:15)  

Personal Demons is on my wishlist too =) I haven't heard of any of the others you received. I hope you enjoy them all!

Alison  – (16 januari 2011 om 11:19)  

Great reads. I really want to read You Wish and Personal Demons.

A Canadian Girl  – (16 januari 2011 om 11:57)  

Great mailbox! I really want to read You wish and Personal Demons too and both are on my wishlist. Happy reading!

PolishOutlander  – (16 januari 2011 om 12:00)  

I have The Postmistress on my shelf but haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it definitely sounds like something for me. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the graphic novels. Happy reading!

Marie  – (16 januari 2011 om 12:32)  

Hi thanks for your comment :D i'm your new follower now !
Yes I love the story of Tristan and Iseult i've took a class about it this semester so i've bought the books this week !
You've got great books too :). I've heard a lot of good things about personal demons i need to reat it soon !
Happy reading !

Justine  – (16 januari 2011 om 12:41)  

Aw yeah, I really love the cover of You Wish :D It's so attractive! I've yet to read that, though, but Mandy Hubbard is awesome ;) Happy reading and have a great week!

Just Your Typical Book Blog  – (16 januari 2011 om 12:42)  

I thought You Wish was a really fun read. I've been wanting to get When Rose Wakes - sounds really good!

Enjoy your books!

Alyssa  – (16 januari 2011 om 13:06)  

Great books! & I love your blog =)
New Follower

Anoniem –   – (16 januari 2011 om 13:10)  

I adore the cover for You Wish, it's so cute and pink and cupcake looks so yummy. :D Great books, I hope you enjoy them all!

Pisinat  – (16 januari 2011 om 13:30)  

I'm really curious about You Wish, I've read it's a really cute story... It's always good to have really cute stories on our shelves ^^

Milli  – (16 januari 2011 om 14:17)  

Can I ever quote your mom? :D
And, oh, wow, the Postmistress cover is absolutely gorgeous!

Jessica Lawlor  – (16 januari 2011 om 16:14)  

YOU WISH looks awesome! Def. need to add this to my list!

Aths  – (16 januari 2011 om 16:23)  

I totally forgot about The Postmistress! I have to bump it up on my TBR now!

Melissa (i swim for oceans)  – (16 januari 2011 om 18:20)  

Nina, what an amazing mailbox! I can't wait to see what you think of Personal Demons :)

Darlyn  – (16 januari 2011 om 21:34)  

I have Personal Demon but havent read that one yet. Oh, you have You Wish, which totally I'm looking forward to read!

Lizzy  – (16 januari 2011 om 22:12)  

Looks like lots of great reads this week! I really enjoyed You Wish, it was a cute read. Enjoy your books :)

Nadea Ruzmen  – (17 januari 2011 om 05:23)  

Hey, I saw you got The Postmistress and with a really nice cover too. It's on my wish list and I'm hoping to get it soon.

Mari  – (17 januari 2011 om 19:34)  

I received a copy of The Postmistress last week too. I have read it already though so I will pass the book along. It's a wonderful historical novel.

Have a great week!

YA Vampire Books  – (18 januari 2011 om 13:10)  

You Wish & Personal Demons look awesome!!I haven't heardof the Postmistress before, but that one sounds good too!

Happy reading

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