Lifted by Wendy Toliver

Title: Lifted
Written by: Wendy Toliver
Release date: June, 2010
Pages: 272
Source: Bought

My Feelings:

When 15-year-old Poppy Browne moves from Boulder, CO, to Pleasant Acres, TX, with her professor mother, she has to attend Calvary High even though she's not Baptist. She makes friends with the popular girls and has a date for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Poppy gets caught in an ex-BFF rivalry between her friend Mary Jane and another schoolmate, Bridgette. Then she starts shoplifting. The first time, it's an accident. The second, it's induced by peer pressure. Subsequently, however, it's for the rush. Poppy, Mary Jane, and Whitney steal regularly, and Poppy doesn't know whether or not she can stop. Eventually, she overcomes her fear of disappointing Mary Jane and Whitney, but she still faces the consequences when her mother finds out what she has been doing. Although the story is not entirely compelling, the rivalry between Mary Jane and Bridgette; the suspense of finding out whether Poppy will get caught; and her developing romance with “shithead” Dave, the preacher's son, build enough tension to grab readers' attention.

My Review:
I started this book thinking that it would be nothing spectacular, it’s not like Poppy has a supernatural power and there are angels involved. After reading it , I’m happy to say it was spectacular in it’s own way.

Poppy is a young girl who is smart, strong- willed and independent. Her popular friends get her into shoplifting and they seem to like it, for now. The thrill, the excitement and afterwards the guilt was extremely well written. I really understood that the girls shoplifted just for the rush they got of doing something risky that has the potential to get them in serious trouble. Not only Poppy, but Whitney and Mary Jane are making these bad decisions they don’t think trough.

The plot is fast paced and therefore it makes the story a very quick read. From the very start the story drew me in. When Poppy gets confronted with her actions, she comes aware of how she feels, what she thinks and what values are more important to her. She really learned from her past mistakes and she becomes a responsible young adult.

Lifted is the first book I read by Wendy Toliver, but I know it’s not going to be the last.
I recommend Lifted to everyone who loves intense, character driven reads.

‘It's never too late to change things we don't like, or to act in ways that help us to be the person we want to be.’

Shy  – (5 januari 2011 om 08:22)  

Sounds like such an outstanding read. I really like to read book like this one cause it generally show us why certain people does certain kind of thing. I'll be on the lookout for this one. Really looks cool!

Melissa  – (5 januari 2011 om 08:52)  

This sounds so so so good, Nina! I'm trying to read more contemps, so I'm adding this to my list. I love fast-paced plots! :)

miss cindy :)  – (5 januari 2011 om 08:57)  

This sounds like something I would really enjoy, and I'm glad you did too :) Great review!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (5 januari 2011 om 11:30)  

I'm curious mostly because it starts in CO (a part that is very liberal, btw... so I see the contrast already!). This sounds very interesting. I like a fast-paced plot. :)

Willa  – (5 januari 2011 om 11:40)  

Sounds like a good read about a really important topic! thanks for reviewing it :-)

Jessica (BookLover)  – (5 januari 2011 om 13:25)  

Great review! I don't read very much contemporary fiction, but at least it's fast-paced and, therefore, worth a try. :)

Blodeuedd  – (5 januari 2011 om 13:41)  

I am happy that you found a new author to like, I do like when that happens :)
And sounds like a good read too

Lauren  – (5 januari 2011 om 14:07)  

I read only one other book by Wendy Toliver(Miss Match) and it was adorable, so I'll have to read this one sometime soon. It sounds like it will be fantastic. Thanks for the review!

Juju at Tales of  – (5 januari 2011 om 14:25)  

Great review. I've wondered about this one.

Jenny N.  – (5 januari 2011 om 20:55)  

Sounds intense, I will have to pick this one up if I see it at the library.

Jenny  – (6 januari 2011 om 07:16)  

I haven't heard much about this one, but I'm glad to see you thought so highly of it. I definitely need to check it out now, thanks Nina!

Andrea  – (6 januari 2011 om 08:33)  

Hmm, haven't heard of it but it's sounds like a good book.

YA Book Queen  – (6 januari 2011 om 13:22)  

I was never too sure about this book, but I'll definitely be putting it on my TBR list now. Awesome review, Nina :D

YA Vampire Books  – (6 januari 2011 om 16:42)  

Sounds like a good read! Great review!

Cari  – (6 januari 2011 om 19:03)  

This one sounds great! Awesome review.

Lauren  – (8 januari 2011 om 07:44)  

This sounds pretty awesome. I'd heard of this one before now but never read a review of it. Thanks for a great review!

Darlyn  – (10 januari 2011 om 00:29)  

Great book I must say and very interesting. Thanks for sharing =0

Anoniem –   – (16 januari 2011 om 05:54)  

I like the sound of this - It sounds like something I'd definitely read. :D



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