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Every now and then I like to buy other things than books. My sisters and friends tell me I have more than two obsessions, and I have to say I totally agree. So why not make it a monthly thing and share these obsessions with you. This way you get to know me a bit better and maybe we even share a obsession. We can join forces and maybe there's a chance we can get over them. Or not. So lets start with the first one that pops right into my mind.

I love shopping. Yes, I'm one of those girls who can shop till I literally drop with all those heavy bags full of clothes. And indeed I'm one of those girls who has to go into every store and look at all the new clothes of the season. But I have one thing that I cannot stop buying.

I adore them, especially dresses for the summer. I literally can walk into one of my favourite shops and try on every single one of them. I love how they make me feel feminine, clean and just so darn happy. My *obsession* with dresses started two summers ago. And I do feel that it's not summer without wearing a cute dress.

My favourite:

The one shoulder blue flower dress. OMG, ADORE! Last one I wore that to the Elf Fantasy Fair! I also love the first three dresses. The third one I bought last December. I wanted to wear it for Christmas, but decided to wear something different instead. The first two have fun flowery prints. The first one I bought in Berlin, Germany with my sister.

My least favourite:

The black one with those red stripes is made of a very thick material. It's not a summerdress, but more for very, very cold days. Not loving it. I only wore it once.

Do you share this obsession with me? Do you have any obsessions besides books?

Christina /
Book Addict
 – (29 januari 2011 om 13:14)  

These dresses are adorable. I really like the blue flower dress as well. I have an obsession with shoes...it's bad! :)

Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (29 januari 2011 om 13:17)  

I think the blue flower dress is my favorite too! You have awesome taste, Nina!

Jenny N.  – (29 januari 2011 om 15:07)  

The blue flower one my fav too but I also like the second one.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (29 januari 2011 om 16:23)  

Actually I'm not a shopper, but I do love to go with people who shop. Yep, I can shop for others just not for me. Oh and I love dresses, but I have the total anti-dress at home... my doberman. He loves to flip the bottom up to see what you are hiding underneath! lol

Lauren  – (30 januari 2011 om 04:17)  

Wow, that's a pretty serious obsession. You even have the same dress in two colours... lol. I'm not really into wearing dresses that much, but I can totally relate to the love of shopping. <3

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (31 januari 2011 om 07:59)  

OMG I love them all :) What a brilliant obsession! *high five* My fav is #3 the black and white one :)

YA Vampire Books  – (31 januari 2011 om 11:14)  

I kind of do share the dress obsession with you! Over the last couple of years, I've bought a lot of dresses!Your favorite dress is also my favourite out of your dresses :)

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